July 24, 2021

Michael weakens in Atlantic waters after leaving six dead in the US

Michael weakens in Atlantic waters after leaving six dead in the US

Cyclone Michael, who left a provisional death toll in the United States after hitting land on Wednesday as a category 4 hurricane, was downgraded to a post-tropical storm today after venturing into Atlantic waters off the southeastern coast of the country.

In its latest bulletin, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) indicated that it was withdrawing all warnings and warnings issued by Michael, which made landfall as the third most powerful hurricane to reach the continental United States, with an atmospheric pressure of 919 millibars. at the moment of reaching the coast.

The cyclone was early this morning 185 miles (300 kilometers) from Norfolk, in the state of Virginia, and was traveling at high speed to open Atlantic waters with winds still 65 miles per hour (100 km / h).

He leaves behind at least six fatalities, four in Florida, one in North Carolina and one in Georgia, an 11-year-old girl who was hit by a metal structure on his head after crossing the roof of his home.

Thousands of police officers, emergency forces and soldiers of the Florida National Guard continue to search for potential victims, a task that is complicated by having to check in some cases under the rubble of homes, many of them torn from rennet by the winds and the entrance of the sea.

The effects of Michael are evident in the more than 1.5 million families and businesses that are without electricity in five states of the southeastern coast of the USA, according to the specialized website Poweroutage.us.

The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, will today make a new air and land route on the most damaged areas of the northwest coast of the state.

This area was the most impacted by the onslaught of Michael on Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour (250 km / h) and gusts that President Donald Trump indicated had reached "almost 200 miles per hour" (320 km / km). h).

Along with these winds, the area suffered intense rains and a storm surge that raised the sea level by up to 14 feet (4.2 meters) in some areas, which left a landscape of desolation in cities such as Mexico Beach, the most affected and where the eye of the hurricane entered.

This led Trump on Thursday to declare the area a major disaster area in order to expedite resources and assistance for those affected.


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