Michael Robinson’s son: “Thanks to all the people of Spain who have brought us this tremendous pain” – La Provincia

Beside Carles Francino ad Michael Robinson in ‘The Window’ of the Cadena SER that I had a terrible cancer 18 months ago. And in that same window has leaned out Liam Robinson, son of Michael, to thank the countless displays of thanks to his father. “Was a extraordinary man. These are a little strange moments as a son, because I as a son have always obviously seen him as a father, but not this star that you see now of Michael “, Liam has started in that brief and excited dialogue with Francino.

When he spoke of Cádiz his face changed“Michael Robinson’s son has told him.” Thanks to all the people in Spain who are taking us out of this tremendous pain right now, I want to thank all of you, you are the host, “Liam continued, excited, remembering that “you have always given him the benefit of the doubt …” But without being able to finish the sentence, caught by so many emotions.

“My sister managed to come from Australia and we managed to come from the south and we were all able to be together. He was an extraordinary man, thanks to you who have made him tremendously happy and you have welcomed him as one of yours. I can’t express how happy I am today in the strangest sense, “said Liam.” People had a very special affection for him. “


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