June 23, 2021

Michael Jackson's musical will be released in 2020

In the post-#MeToo era, while the politically correct prevails, a musical about the king of pop will premiere on Broadway next summer. The bet seems risky seen, for example, how Woody Allen's career has suffered after accusations were repeated against him for sexual abuse of a minor. The Michael Jackson musical was about to premiere this year in Chicago, but the producers finally postponed it shortly before the documentary "Leaving Neverland" premiered, in which two men accuse the interpreter of sexually abusing them as children. .

Initially, the musical bore the title of a song by Michael Jackson, "Don't stop till you get enough", but now it will simply be called "MJ The Musical" and will premiere at the Neil Simon Theater in New York on August 13 2020. The winner of two Pulitzer Prizes Lynn Nottage will be in charge of the script and Christopher Wheeldon will be the director and choreographer. It has not yet been announced who will play the artist.

In an interview this spring with the "New York Times", Nottage said that the musical would focus on the early years of the nineties, when the singer presented the "Dangerous" tour, perhaps the peak of his career , but a stage that also coincides with the dates on which the abuses referred to by "Leaving Neverland" would have occurred.

Until now, the news that the musical will finally reach the stage has been received with some skepticism by the media and critics, although it will be the public that ultimately decides.

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