Michael discovers ships that sank in the US by another cyclone in 1899

Michael discovers ships that sank in the US by another cyclone in 1899

Ships that sank on Dog Island, off the northwestern coast of Florida (USA), during the passage of a cyclone in 1899 were uncovered due to the strong swell caused by Hurricane Michael ten days ago, media reported today. local.

Michael, who made landfall on October 10 in the nearby town of Mexico Beach with maximum winds of 250 kilometers per hour and a sea rise of up to 4.2 meters, unearthed several boats and partially some more.

These ships were part of a fleet of 15 ships that sank in 1899 due to the passage of Hurricane Carrabelle in this barrier florida, said today the newspaper Tallahassee Democrat.

After the passage of Michael, the boats were discovered in the western end of this island, which is 5.6 kilometers in front of Franklin County, one of the most affected by the category 4 cyclone that left a score of dead in Florida. few days.

Because the efforts of the state authorities are focused on the recovery of the area by the passage of Michael, who still has more than 81,000 families and businesses without electricity, there are no plans for state archaeologists to visit the site, he explained. the capital newspaper.

The hurricane of 1899 reached the northwest coast of Florida with winds of category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, ranging from 154 to 177 kilometers an hour, destroyed the city of Carrabelle, sank numerous vessels of different sizes and killed a person .


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