Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Michael Bloomberg will allocate $ 160 million to fight electronic cigarettes

The billionaire ex-mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg will allocate 160 million dollars to combat electronic cigarettes of flavors, very popular among American minors.

"The electronic cigarette companies and the tobacco companies that support them stalk the youth of the United States. The result is an uncontrolled epidemic that puts children in danger of addiction and serious health problems," Bloomberg said in a statement Tuesday.

The money will go to pressure local, state and federal authorities to ban these types of electronic cigarettes, as well as provide legal support to governments facing litigation of the tobacco industry.

The announcement of the former New York mayor came the same day that the sixth death in the United States related to the consumption of electronic cigarettes, occurred in the state of Kansas.

Last Friday, three other cases were known, in California, Indiana and Minnesota, which had a lot of echo in the local media to be the first and coincide on the same day.

The Bloomberg initiative also comes at a time when local authorities have started a siege against electronic cigarettes.

Michigan, for example, became the first state in the country last week to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes, which the city of San Francisco (California) also did at the end of August.

This Monday, the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, also announced plans to ban the sale, manufacture and possession of electronic cigarettes, thus following the trail marked by Michigan.

These vaporizers are sold without age restrictions and according to US health authorities are addictive, as they contain nicotine. They are also sold in flavors such as fruits, caramel or chewing gum.

"Electronic cigarettes are considered tobacco products because they mostly contain nicotine, which comes from tobacco," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Bloomberg has set aside about $ 1 billion since 2007 to fight tobacco worldwide, but this is the first initiative in the United States, reported its foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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