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The metropolitan area of ​​Miami has a population of about six million inhabitants, a tropical climate and a great ethnic variety. This is the epicenter of StartUp, the excellent series whose three seasons Amazon releases. Naturally, it is much more than this. It is a very important commercial and business center, it welcomes the largest Cuban population outside the island and its economic power attracts individual and collective greed and mafia gangs. It is also the demonstration that Trump's policy is summarized in one sentence: to put doors to the countryside or the impossibility of putting limits on what does not admit them. Add to it the physical demonstration of social inequality, for which it is enough to show the plots of some and the ghettos of others, and the result is the synthesis of the developed society of the 21st century.

StartUp dissects that complex world of emerging companies in the field of the most sophisticated technology, a world that is aided by black money from drug trafficking and other criminal groups and in which the end, control, that is, power, justifies the most ancestral means, violence and transgression of the law.

Four solvents are protagonists: a Cuban (Otmara Marrero), technological brain; a Jew (Adam Brody), a financial entrepreneur who slides smoothly towards the illegal; a Haitian (Edi Gathegi), leader of a marginal neighborhood or, what is the same, the leader of the band, and a wasp (Martin Freeman), a corrupt agent of the FBI. The fifth impersonal protagonist is the city of Miami, its metropolitan area and its keys, spiced up with Russian mobsters, unscrupulous businessmen, big parties and lots of rap. A human group that allows us to intuit a plot in which the encrypted algorithms are interspersed with automatic rifles of 500 shots per minute and in which avarice blurred the legality. Ambition, sex and high technology is the sinful trinity of StartUp.


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