August 1, 2021

Miami becomes the capital of maritime luxury for five days

More than a thousand pleasure boats will lower the sails and dock in Miami from this Thursday on the occasion of the Miami International Boat Show, one of the most important fairs in the nautical sector, which attracts thousands of people and generates business for more than 850 million dollars.

The fair, which brings together the main brands of the industry, is located for the fifth consecutive year in the Cayo Virginia, one of the islands of the Bay of Biscay, which is connected to the mainland by the bridge that leads to Vizcaino Cay.

There a temporary marina has been built with natural materials where 1,400 boats rest for the enjoyment and enjoyment of yacht and catamarans lovers.

Companies such as the French Dufour Yachts, the Danish X-Yachts or the Spanish De Antonio Yachts, among many others, will present their latest models in boats and the novelties in radars, sonars and other rigs in an edition of this fair in which sustainability It is the key word.

There are many who will take the opportunity to take a spin on the different boats, such as the Serenity 64, a hybrid yacht with solar panels 20 meters long and designed by Ken Downing.

However, this is not only an event for “the rich and famous” but there are products for audiences with medium budgets, from the Sunreef 80, a yacht of more than 24 meters in length whose brand did not want to reveal its price to deal directly with buyers, up to the NauticStar 191 Hybrid, a $ 30,000 vessel.

“There will be companies of all sizes, with companies that will present their ships of fourteen feet (4 meters) to those of more than eighty (24 meters). There will be a variety of producers and sellers, so it is not only for large companies, it is a representation of the entire nautical industry, “event director Larry Berryman told Efe.


This “global showcase for Miami” is one of the most important fairs at international level and it is estimated that it will have an economic impact of 854.2 million dollars and will generate about 5,700 jobs, figures that would be equivalent to the celebration of two Super Bowls, the final of the American Football League, a year.

“The state benefits greatly from the taxes generated by the fair and there are many industries outside the world of ships that are also affected, be they hotels, restaurants or establishments of any other nature,” Berryman said.


In this 79th edition, the organizers want to raise awareness about the protection of the environment and address one of the big problems facing the oceans: single-use plastics.

“From an environmental point of view, the great challenge is how to reduce single-use plastics. As a whole this industry depends on water, our survival depends on it and access to clean water. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the water clean and involve everyone to get it, “he added.

Some of the initiatives consist of the sale of reusable aluminum bottles, sunglasses made with fishing nets or the realization of seminars in which experts will teach visitors what they can do to protect the ecosystem inside a ship, near The marina or their homes.

On the other hand, one of the objectives of this type of fairs is to involve “young people and children” in the maritime lifestyle, as the fans are getting older and this is “critical” so that a industry with great job opportunities move on.

“Introducing the millennials, our youth of the future in the industry, is both a challenge and an objective we have in mind to keep this industry moving. It also encourages students to opt for the navy as a career. On average the navy pays 20% more than any other work in manufacturing or sales, “Berryman explained.

For this, the organizers have planned activities for children to go sailing and learn how the operation of a ship is and the various characteristics of these.

In addition, visitors who attend the event can do so as true sailors, as the organizers provide water taxis to arrive from downtown Miami to the nine docks of the Miami International Boat Show marina.

Latest generation engines, top quality materials and the most cutting-edge equipment make Miami the capital of the nautical industry for five days in which luxury and entertainment come together.

Alberto Domingo Carreiro


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