July 2, 2020

Miami authorities order its residents to remain in their homes

Residents of the city of Miami have since Wednesday ordered to stay at home to prevent coronavirus infections, although they can go out to buy food and basic necessities, exercise and go to work with certain limitations.

The municipal administrator, Arthur Noriega, issued a municipal order at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday giving instructions in that regard, something that the mayor, Francis Suárez, who has been sick with coronavirus and isolated at his home for weeks, had already advanced.

“I hope people will abide by the message of staying home,” Suarez said in a video broadcast last night from his confinement.

The order issued by Noriega contrasts with the policy of Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez, who has taken measures to prevent the concentration of people, but has not ordered the population to stay home.

It is similar to the decision made by the mayor of neighboring Miami Beach, Dan Galber.

Miami, with some 460,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in Miami-Dade County, to which Miami Beach also belongs, among other cities.

Giménez banned in the last hours the concentrations of more than ten people and days ago ordered the closure of non-essential shops, parks, marinas and boat ramps.

Restaurants and bars cannot serve the public on the premises, but they can send food or drinks to your home and deliver them to people who come to pick them up at the establishment.

Mobility is not restricted in the county, but it is in Miami, something difficult to control since the cities of Miami-Dade form a continuum.

According to the latest data from the Florida Department of Health, published this Tuesday afternoon, of the 1,467 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state, 367 correspond to Miami-Dade, the most affected county, followed by its neighbor Broward, with 312.


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