March 2, 2021

‘Mi Casa, Telfono Fest’ opens a window to music, theater and dance – La Provincia

We see and hear each other on Instagram, because in bars and concert halls it is going to be that not for a season. The quarantine has buried the agenda of musicians, venues and festivals in the Canary Islands. A supervening situation, and that far from silencing the creators sharpens the ingenuity and sharpens creativity, as it has been verified on social networks in the last week thanks to the effect that the music has had, #I stay at home. Fruit of all this comes My House, Fest Phone, festival that takes place this Tuesday and Wednesday, March 24 and 25.

It all started last Saturday, the day in which the alarm and confinement were raised. After learning of the order that closed spaces and the mass events were canceled, and just as they decided to make national and international musicians, a group of canaries such as Arístides Moreno, Rogelio Botanz, Víctor Lemes, Jesús Garriga, Sergio Alzola, Luis Quintana or Dácil Santana , peeked at their profiles as a collective gesture at the call of Canaries in quarantine. It was the starting point of a collective invitation from the Islands to shake the networks with music, and to which Canarian artists of different styles have responded daily.

Two days

There have been countless initiatives of this type – balconies apart – at the collective and individual level of people linked to culture in all its manifestations, inside and outside. The most immediate and that threatens to make as much noise as the coronavirus itself arrives on Tuesday, March 24 and Wednesday, March 25: My house, phone Fest. A multidisciplinary project that brings together a handful of Canarian and international artists residing in the Islands, including musicians, actors and theater actresses, and dance professionals.

There are precedents for how the streaming it is a balm against the domestic routine of doors inside. Examples of this are the recent I stay at home Festival, the first of its kind in times of coronavirus, which had last weekend Marta Soto, Alfred García, Funambulista, Rozalén, Andrés Suárez, David Otero, Carlos Sadness or Marwan, among others, also on Instagram and with half an hour per artist; or Quarantine Fest, that from last Monday the 16th and until next Friday the 27th has thirty musicians on the grill.

My House, Fest Phone It has been organized in two days with live music and brief representations or performances, between 4:00 and 11:00 pm. Of protagonists, musically, they have confirmed, with 30-minute live shows: Modo Rakune, The Good Company, Papaya, Alba Gil Aceytuno, Texxcoco (in acoustic), Nymura, Bitxo Negro, Mel Omana, Javier Auserón (Ant Cosmos), Alan Imar, Jairo Martín, Fruncho, Pau Coelho (Sound of Aqua), Sai Estupefacto, Habitus, Hey Chabón and Son Plus Ultra, in addition to deejays Marisol García, Voodul, Woodhands and Don Patrol.

The bet of performing arts that covers the premiere of My House, Fest Phone She is represented in her accounts on Instagram by: Mecova Teatro, with Niria Ró, Alda Rivas and Esther Muñoz, Isaac B. Dos Santos, from Anartistas, Juanma Pieski, Tebu Guerra, Marcela Canale, Andrea Farah, Nadina de Armas and Josué Espino .

My House, Fest Phone You can follow via Instagram in the profiles of the artists themselves and in #MiCasaTelefonoFest. “It is a project that is born for all the artists who have to stay home for the quarantine and is linked to music, theater and dance”, explains Paula Ducatenzeiler (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1985), promoter of the festival.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, painter, photographer, video artist and performer, among other artistic roles, and who currently works in residence in the creation spaces of the La Regenta art room, in the capital of Gran Canaria, Paula Ducantenzeiler assures that this proposal “has a double aspect of leisure” these days. On the one hand, giving visibility to artists who have collaborated and who have the opportunity to show their work from home to the public who also enjoy it from home; and on the other, that the public that comes to the event, in the Instagram profiles of each artist, discovers the musical and scenic talent that resides in the Islands.

This virtual approach between the artist and the public presides over the challenge of My House, Fest Phone, which with the guests it has allows the pulse of part of the actors and actresses of the island scene. Paula Ducantenzeiler highlights the predisposition of artists to open a window, in this case in Instagram, to share songs and emotions with the audience.

The first installment of this project is already served, and as the medium-term panorama is presented, it is not ruled out to repeat the experience with these or other artists.


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