Mexico seeks to channel the caravan challenge of Honduran migrants

Mexico seeks to channel the caravan challenge of Honduran migrants

The Government of Mexico is attempting today to give legal treatment to the challenge posed by the caravan of Honduran migrants, who wait for a green light to enter the country through the southern border or drop the Suchiate River in droves.

After trying to contain, and condemn, the Friday attempt of a group of the caravan to enter Mexico, the Mexican authorities insisted on their willingness to allow entry with documents and visa or, where appropriate, receive refugee applications.

In a national chain message, released this Friday, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that "Mexico does not allow or allow entry" irregular and much less violent and in return offered support to those who wish to enter "respecting the laws."

"The violent entry into our country" undermines the sovereignty of the country and also poses a "risk to the migrants themselves, especially children, women and older adults," said the Mexican president.

Around 2,000 migrants have already crossed into Mexico and are settled in camps while they complete their immigration procedures.

At least a thousand more remain parked on the border bridge waiting to be served and some stragglers remain in Tecún Umán, as Efe could confirm.

The conditions of heat and humidity, with temperatures reaching 29 degrees Celsius, have caused many of the migrants to look for food and water to avoid health risks, especially for children.

Mexican Immigration officers approached the leaders of the caravan early in the day to propose an orderly entry and after that, they have started distributing shifts to serve them.

Staff of the National Commission of Human Rights remains on the lookout to prevent possible violations of guarantees in the case of migrants.

In addition, the government of the Mexican state of Chiapas deployed temporary shelters in the center of Ciudad Hidalgo to serve migrants, according to Gerardo Hernández, of the civil protection office of Suchiate.

According to the official to this effort have joined more than 10 municipalities to meet the demand for medical care, food, water in these shelters

At the same time, a constant activity is observed in the Suchiate, a river that the inhabitants of Tecún Uman and Ciudad Hidalgo use to cross over on wooden rafts with inflated tires, which are now transporting migrants.

Mexican authorities have not yet responded to the clamor of migrants to allow free access, assured Efe Milagros Cerón, who travels with two daughters and asks that Mexico allow them to pass to go to the United States.

"That they support us, we're not going to stay in Mexico, we're just going to happen," says Milagros, who complains that in her country you can no longer live by crime, lack of work and increases in services such as electricity.

In the efforts of the Government of Mexico to channel the crisis represented by the Honduran caravan, which left San Pedro Sula on October 13, the Guatemalan Government reported that more than 1,900 migrants who were trying to move to the Honduran border To reach the United States on foot to have a better future.

The presidents of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, and of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, have spoken by phone with their Mexican counterpart to coordinate the migratory plan that will serve the Honduran migrants.

Faced with this exodus that has saturated Mexico's border with Guatemala, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has responded with threats to send military personnel to the southern border in case Mexico stopped him in the caravan.

Trump has also warned Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras that he would cut off US aid if migrants enter northern territory.


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