Mexico says it will not accept deportees from the US but asylum seekers

Mexico says it will not accept deportees from the US but asylum seekers

The business manager of the Embassy of Mexico in the United States, José Antonio Zabalgoitia, said today that his country will not accept deportees from the United States. but to migrants who have initiated a process of requesting asylum with the US authorities.

"I want to be very clear, we are going to accept in this scheme those migrants who have been admitted to start a migratory process in the United States and that is in progress, but we will not accept deportees from the United States," he said in a press at the diplomatic legation in Washington.

The US Government He announced today that he will return to Mexico those immigrants who enter the country irregularly or without the necessary documents through the southern border, including asylum seekers, while completing immigration procedures in the US.

For its part, the Mexican executive reported that coordinated actions will be carried out with Washington before the measure of its northern neighbor to "return" foreigners to Mexico so that they may await the development of their immigration process in the United States.

Zabalgoitia stressed that in the case of his country the measure is "humanitarian": "What we want to avoid is that the migrants are a ping pong ball between one migration policy and the other," he said.

"If it were for us, the world would be better without this measure," he acknowledged.

He stressed that this is a temporary step to put "the interest of migrants first", therefore, they will be allowed to stay in Mexico temporarily, even eventually seek asylum in this country if they wish, while their situation is resolved on the American side.

The diplomat added that if the US finally opting for the deportation of the person to their country of origin will be the US authorities who are in charge of the process and not Mexico.

"When the judge makes the determination to establish or not to enter the US, (this) occurs in US territory, at that time the person is in US territory and would not have to return to Mexico if their process already concluded, "said Zabalgoitia.

The diplomat stressed that the US decision it is "unilateral", according to its immigration legislation. "We respond with a measure that is in line with our legislation and our new immigration policy, where we put the welfare of migrants first," he said.

Zabalgoitia pointed out that there is still no calculation of migrants who could be affected by this situation, although he said that it is a "quite manageable" number.


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