July 26, 2021

Mexico reaches 125 deaths and 2,439 cases confirmed by COVID-19

Mexico reached 125 deaths on Monday from the COVID-19 pandemic after 31 people died from the disease in the last 24 hours, while the number of confirmed cases rose to 2,439, the country’s health authorities reported.

The number of new cases registered was 296 compared to Sunday and the main pathologies related to deaths are hypertension, diabetes, obesity and smoking.

The rise in both computations has been the highest since the first case was presented in Mexico on February 27. In addition, the authorities indicated that there are 6,295 suspected cases and 11,741 negative ones.

Of the confirmed cases, 74% have been “non-serious” and the remaining 26% “have required hospitalization”. In total, 20,475 people have been evaluated.

“We have an upward trend in the last five days, not very pronounced, but if it is on the rise,” explained the director general of Epidemiology of the Ministry (Ministry) of Health, José Luis Alomía Zegarra.

He explained that 1,799 cases have required outpatient treatment, which is 73.76% of the total; 221 have been hospitalized stable, that is, 9.06%; while 330 have been seriously hospitalized, 13.53%, and 89 intubated hospitalized, 3.65%.

The territorial entities where more confirmed cases have been registered are Mexico City, with 609; followed by the states of Mexico (261), Puebla (156), Jalisco (126), and Quintana Roo (115).

The distribution of confirmed cases by gender is 58% men and 42% women, explained Alomía, who added that in Mexico the mortality percentage is 0.10%.

The Mexican Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, described as “outrageous” and said that “any type of assault on medical personnel who treat infected patients as a result of the occurrence of some cases in the state of Jalisco.

He specified that Mexico “does not have enough Health personnel under ordinary conditions, less under conditions like these.”

On Saturday, the Government of Mexico presented a call for the recruitment of doctors and nurses, to attend to patients.

Until April 30, the Mexican authorities ordered the closing of schools, the temporary suspension of activities, the restriction of mass meetings, specific protection measures for people at the most vulnerable risk, which are the elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases.


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