August 12, 2020

Mexico identifies two new suspected cases of Chinese flu

The health authorities of Mexico reported on Tuesday two new suspected cases of the Chinese coronavirus that are located in the central State of Mexico and are already in isolation.

The first of the two suspicious cases corresponds to a 27-year-old woman who arrived in Mexico from Wuhan, China, on January 18 and began with respiratory symptoms a few days after her return.

The second case is a 14-year-old male relative by close contact of the previous case, who experienced symptoms eight days after the first, said the Secretary of Health Prevention and Promotion of the Ministry of Health.

“Both cases have mild symptoms, and no presence of comorbidities was identified in them, so they will remain in home isolation until their laboratory results are known,” he explained.

Mexico has so far identified nine cases, seven of them negative and these two suspects who will remain at home in isolation until the results of their laboratory tests are in place, said the Undersecretariat.

In Mexico, cases have been identified in the states of Tamaulipas (1), Mexico City (2), Jalisco (3) and Michoacán (1) all negative.

The Undersecretary of Health Prevention and Promotion of Mexico, Hugo López-Gatell, urged not to panic at the future arrival of the coronavirus in Mexico, during the morning conference of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“I guarantee that the virus (coronavirus) will reach Mexico. It is not something that I like, but we have to be very clear and say it truthfully,” he said.

Four Mexicans living in Wuhan, the city of China where the coronavirus emerged, have asked the Government of their country to help them leave that Asian nation, Mexican Health and Foreign Affairs (SRE) secretariats said in a statement on Tuesday set.

The Mexican Government said that, so far, “there has not been” the departure of any of these four citizens, but that “there is no record of Mexican people” who have become ill because of the new coronavirus.


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