July 14, 2020

Mexico exceeds 5,000 deaths and 47,000 cases from COVID-19

This Saturday, Mexico reached 5,045 deaths and 47,144 accumulated COVID-19 infections with the registration in the last 24 hours of 2,112 new cases and 278 deaths, the country’s health authorities reported.

It was the third consecutive day that Mexico passed the barrier of 2,000 new cases of contagion, with 2,112, that is, 4.7% compared to the 45,032 cases reported on Friday.

“We have 47,144 people who, since the epidemic began in Mexico on February 28, have presented COVID-19 and 10,681 are recent (active) cases,” said the undersecretary for Prevention and Promotion of Health in Mexico, Hugo López- Gatell, at the press conference of the daily technical report of the disease.

He said that the number of active cases in the last seven or eight days “has remained with a significant proportion,” practically a fifth, at this time, of the total number of cases.

The official also said that there are 29,409 suspected and 92,544 negative cases in a universe of 169,097 people studied.

López-Gatell said that to this day there are a total of 14,144 beds for general care, of which 8,435 (37%) are occupied and the entities that report the highest occupancy of beds for general care are Mexico City (73%), State from Mexico (58%) and Guerrero (54%).

Regarding the increase in mobility that has been perceived in recent days in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico (ZMVM), which integrates Mexico City and 55 municipalities of the State of Mexico, and other cities in the country, the expert noted that National Day of Healthy Distance “has not concluded and there are 15 days to go”.

He said that those remaining days “are extraordinarily valuable” to maintain the mitigation of infections and on the average that people stay at home and do not attend public space and companies do not open, “which cannot and should not open in no part of the country, “infections will be reduced.

“If you go out into the street and meet, the consequence will be that from 7 to 10 days there will be more infections,” he warned.

He said that the health authorities have the impression that “there was a relaxation of the measures of the National Day of Sana Distancia and that is qualitatively appreciated in a greater amount of pedestrian and car traffic, especially in large cities.”

He warned that in the ZMVM and in the cities of Monterrey and Guadalajara “the epidemic could grow in great proportions” and if they open their economic activities, in 15 days “there will be a rebound of the epidemic that is extremely difficult to control.”

Starting in mid-week, the Mexican authorities announced a series of measures to begin, starting on May 18, a plan to gradually reopen economic and social activities paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first activities to be resumed will be construction, mining and the automotive industry, and 269 Mexican municipalities that have not registered cases of coronavirus may resume activities.


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