July 12, 2020

Mexico exceeds 220,000 infections and 27,000 deaths from COVID-19

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico reached 220,657 on Monday and deaths to 27,121 since the epidemic began last February, health authorities reported.

In the last 24 hours, 3,805 new infections and 473 deaths were reported in Mexico, with increases of 1.8% in accumulated cases and 1.7% in deaths compared to the figures of the previous day, they noted.

The 1.8% increase in confirmed cases accumulated in Mexico to date marked “a new lower point of growth” for one day, assured the director of Epidemiology of the Mexican government, José Luis Alomía.

In addition to the 27,121 deaths accumulated since the start of the pandemic, Mexican health authorities reported 2,055 suspicious deaths in the laboratory study to confirm whether they lost their lives to the coronavirus.

10.5% of the accumulated infections, 23,389 correspond to active cases that developed the disease in the last 14 days, which is why they are considered the active part of the pandemic, explained the director of Epidemiology.

The official detailed that 566,602 people have been tested, of whom 279,035 had a negative result, and another 66,910 are still classified as suspects pending their tests in the laboratories.

People recovered from COVID-19 in the country amount to 131,264, which represents 59% of confirmed cases, explained Alomía.

The network of 867 hospitals for COVID-19 disease reported that there are a total of 26,623 beds of which 11,834, 44% are currently occupied; while 8,964 of intensive therapy are available, with a 39% occupancy, equivalent to 3,517 spaces.

Regarding the demographic aspects of the disease, Alomía specified that 55% of confirmed cases and 66% of deaths correspond to male patients.

High blood pressure in 42%, diabetes in 36.5 and obesity in 25% are the previous diseases that prevail in patients who lost their lives due to COVID-19.

Mexico remained between March and May last in a phase of health contingency with mobility restrictions and suspension of non-essential activities and in June entered a regulated stage based on an epidemiological traffic light.

In the week that began this Monday, 14 Mexican states remain at a maximum risk level marked by the color red and 18 entities are at a somewhat contagious level, indicated by orange.

At the maximum level of risk, red, hotels are authorized to have a maximum occupancy of 25%, restaurants can only offer takeout, hairdressers only provide home delivery, parks and squares at 25% and supermarkets open with 50% occupancy and one person per family

At orange traffic lights, high risk, hotels can operate with 50% occupancy, restaurants can open with 50% capacity, as do hairdressers, preferably with appointments, parks and squares at 50% and supermarkets at 75% and one person per family. AND


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