Mexico enlists thousands of soldiers and doctors for the cyclones Willa and Vicente

Mexico enlists thousands of soldiers and doctors for the cyclones Willa and Vicente

Mexico today put 12,000 soldiers, 3,115 sailors and 11,493 doctors on alert on the forecast of the impact of the Willa and Vicente cyclones on its western coast, in whose largest spas there are some 40,000 tourists.

The tropical storm Vicente points in its trajectory to the states of Jalisco and Colima, while Willa goes to the coast of the states of Nayarit and Sinaloa, according to the reports of 22.00 hours (03.00 GMT) of the National Meteorological Service.

Vicente is 145 kilometers south-southwest of Zihuatanejo and 380 kilometers southeast of Manzanillo. After degrading to a tropical depression, he will make landfall after midday Tuesday morning at a point near Punta San Telmo, Michoacán state, to enter Colima, according to The report.

Willa was located 350 kilometers south-southwest of Manzanillo and 140 kilometers southwest of Islas Marías, with a displacement of 15 kilometers per hour, sustained winds of 230 kilometers per hour and gusts of 280 kilometers per hour.

The trajectory of Willa points to the coasts of the states of Nayarit and Sinaloa where it is predicted that it will touch earth as hurricane category 3 on the Saffir Simpson scale around 7:00 pm (24:00 GMT) on Tuesday, at a point near Escuinapa .

In preparation for the impact of these cyclones, the Government of Mexico activated the emergency plan to protect the population and around 40,000 tourists who are in hotels of spas in the area.

The Ministry of the Interior reported that it issued emergency notices in 19 municipalities, twelve in Nayarit and seven in Sinaloa, which makes the disaster assistance fund available.

The Ministry of National Defense put 12,000 soldiers in Colima, Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa into preventive phase, in addition to having four aircraft, a battalion of engineers and emergency response equipment ready to be mobilized.

In addition, the Mexico City disaster support force consisting of 3,115 troops was alerted, the National Defense said.

The Secretary of the Navy has 3,862 sailors ready, 163 vehicles, fifteen vessels, six smaller vessels and five aircraft, to attend to emergencies.

The Federal Police has 1,454 members in the states of Jalisco, Sinaloa, Colima and Michoacán, and 120 search and mobilization agents in Mexico City as well as a Boeing 727 aircraft ready to be put into service.

To address health emergencies, the authorities have enabled 87 hospitals and 1,705 medical units, and a total of 11,493 doctors and 15,926 nurses are ready, with 14,974 hospital beds and 216 operating theaters.

The Federal Electricity Commission and the National Water Commission have taken preventive measures to respond to emergencies in order to reactivate these services in the shortest possible time if they are damaged by the passage of cyclones.

The Volaris airline has announced the cancellation of its flights originating in and destined for the cities of Mazatlan, Tepic and Colima due to adverse weather conditions due to the proximity of Hurricane Wilma.

The government of the Mexican state of Jalisco, one of those who may be affected by the Wilma and Vicente cloud bands, ordered the eviction of six municipalities near the border with Colima, and in Puerto Vallara and Cabo Corrientes.


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