July 16, 2020

Mexico declares phase 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic with community infections

The Government of Mexico declared on Tuesday its entry into phase 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic, when there is community transmission, and predicted that the outbreak will spread slowly, which will allow it to be assumed by the health system.

Mexico’s decision comes a day after the World Health Organization (WHO) classified Mexico at the contagion level as “local transmission”, also known as phase 2.

In a press conference from the National Palace, the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of Mexico, Hugo López-Gatell, affirmed that in Mexico it is still in a “slow” propagation stage and this represents an “opportunity” to control the epidemic, because “community measures” have already been implemented.

In this context, he said: “We declare the start of phase 2. This phase allows us to draw the horizon for the next 30 to 40 days where we will begin to visualize that Mexico, having anticipated two weeks earlier the general measures, massive measures, is going to be able to bend the curve and have less transmission. “

The official warned that despite these measures, cases will continue to proliferate.

“The expectation is not to end the epidemic from one moment to the next,” said the official, who remarked that, as the disease spreads more slowly, the epidemic will also be “longer.”

He said that this scenario will allow health authorities to “manage the risk” and thus have fewer cases than the health system can handle.

The official recalled that until Monday night there were 367 COVID-19 infections in Mexico and four deaths.

He explained that in Mexico only 1% of cases “have no identifiable import history.”


López-Gatell reiterated the guidelines of the National Day of Healthy Distance that began this Monday and will last a month and promote social distancing, the protection of older adults, the suspension of events and mass meetings and the temporary cancellation of non-essential work activities.

López-Gatell explained that the mobility restriction “is an extreme tool that is reserved for hypothetical situations in which the ability to control is lost.”

In Mexico City, the local government has announced the closure of cinemas, bars, restaurants, and other commercial establishments to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition, the border between Mexico and the United States has been closed since last Saturday to crossings for tourist reasons, although it remains open for trade and healthcare.


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