Mexico appeals to "trust" and will not review company health protocols

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, explained this Monday that his government does not plan to review the health protocols for reopening companies after the COVID-19 pandemic, but rather it will be a system "based on trust."

"That they take care of the workers, the number of workers that they can start and that they are going to expand, the capacity of the spaces. And under protest to tell the truth, they are authorized, there is no need for an inspection," said the president in his daily conference from the National Palace.

As of this Monday, the automotive, mining and construction sectors are authorized to carry out preparatory procedures to adapt to the "new normal" and establish the protocols for its reopening from June 1.

López Obrador assured that to restart operations he asks Mexican plants "to do the same" that they are going to do in their parent factories in the United States, Japan or Germany.

"They are procedures without bureaucracy, that is, not cumbersome, that do not take long and based on trust. If an automotive company wants to open, it is going to answer a questionnaire of around 70 questions and is going to say that it is going to comply", precise.

The evolution of these protocols will only be reviewed by lottery or if workers or neighbors make complaints of non-compliance, something that the president is "sure" will not happen.

The president even asserted that companies in these three sectors "as they have their protocols can already be opened, starting today," despite the fact that the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) would not contemplate reopening until September 1. June.

In any case, López Obrador revealed that there will be a commission made up of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Economy and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in charge of coordinating the issue of protocols, although until this Tuesday who will preside over it will not be known.


The president, detailing this "confidence-based" reopening plan, called on the population to "continue to maintain discipline" to "finish taming the pandemic," something that will happen shortly.

"It is still time to act cautiously, it is a serious epidemic, but yes, we will soon be able to say that because of the support of all the people, all Mexicans managed to prevent the pandemic from saturating our hospitals," he said.

López Obrador celebrated that in a close scenario, thanks to compliance with the recommendations, he will be able to assure "that the strategy of taming the pandemic, lengthening it, making it horizontal and that it did not exceed (Mexico) was achieved."

Mexico currently adds 49,219 cases and 5,177 deaths due to COVID-19.


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