August 15, 2020

Mexicans go to Vive Latino and exhibit little information about COVID-19

The Vive Latino festival was held normally this Saturday in the Mexican capital despite criticism, among hygiene and disinformation measures of several of the 40,000 people who decided to attend.

“I believe that this global pandemic does not have the emergency levels that they are telling us. I think it goes beyond our knowledge … it is at the level of governments. I live life as I have always lived it and I have not changed anything in the face of a pandemic alert, ”Carlos, one of the attendees, told Efe.

Next, Carlos crossed the entrance door to the XXI edition of the most important rock festival in Latin America, where they would check not only his entrance ticket, but also his temperature with a laser thermometer.

Thousands of rock fans flocked to enjoy their favorite bands like Guns N ‘Roses, The Cardigans, Zoé Unplugged or Babasónicos despite more than a dozen cancellations from the 84 groups scheduled.

Many came with a mask and heeded the recommendations of the festival’s organization, which indicated on giant screens the need to disinfect their hands regularly, cough inside the elbow, not establish much physical contact or leave the venue for any symptoms.

After agreeing with the capital’s Ministry of Public Health that the Vive Latino was going ahead, some 92 paramedics, 10 doctors and 8 sanitary tents ensured the festival’s viability, which for some members of the public was more than enough.

“At the end of the day it is a place that is outdoors and I think that with the hygiene measures we take care of ourselves. It is a risk but I do not think it is so strong, ”said Citlali Efe, who never misses the event.

Diego, another assistant, added that he would like “there not to be so much panic”, since “twelve cases among millions is not much.”

In fact, according to the data provided this Saturday by the Ministry of Health, in Mexico alone there are already 41 people infected, 2,230 in America, of which 953 were registered in the last 24 hours, and 142,530 worldwide cases.

Deaths worldwide are 5,393.

Diego and Citlali agreed that the organization of the festival should have enabled the reimbursement option for those who finally could not go to the festival because they were unwell or decided to stay home due to the possibility of a massive contagion in such a crowded place.


Despite the thousands of attendees, many others stayed home, and Twitter reflected their frustration at losing the ticket money or simply wanting to protect themselves and the rest.

Meanwhile, users complained that events are canceled across the country – and around the world – and this is not, according to them, because of the financial contribution.

For much of the afternoon, # MuereLatino2020 was on the list of “trending topics” in Mexico.

“# MuereLatino2020 Incredible that they do not suspend the #LiveLatino imagine more than 70 thousand people gathered there, very bad for the government, prefer their business than the health of the people …” published a Twitter user.

In addition, many people criticized the decision not to suspend Vive Latino through humor, with memes and “hashtags” such as # MuereLatino2020 and # VirusLatino2020.

“Is anyone going to attend # VirusLatino2020? They say that the poster is that you die ”, another user published along with an image of the poster in which the names of the musical groups were replaced by the symptoms caused by COVID-19.


Other massive events were postponed, such as the Pa’l Norte de Monterrey festival, in the northern state of Nuevo León, scheduled for March 20 and 21, whose celebration was secured a few days ago and was finally suspended this Saturday.

Worldwide, music festivals of the stature of Coachella have been canceled, which was postponed until autumn.

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, gave a press conference this Saturday in which he presented the daily report of COVID-19 in Mexico, where he said that the country is still in stage 1, in which only there are imported infected cases.

Even so, he acknowledged that it is expected to arrive at stage 2 “at some near time”, depending on “the ability to trace the transmission chains.”

Ines Amarelo


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