Mexicans buy the first raffle tickets of the presidential plane

The Mexicans bought on Tuesday the first tickets of a total of 6 million of the raffle on the occasion of the presidential plane, a Boeing 787 valued at 130 million dollars by the UN whose cost is intended to be corrected with the raffle.

Outside the National Lottery building, in Mexico City, citizens expressed their support for the decision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who first wanted to raffle the aircraft, because it was considered an excessive luxury of his predecessors, and now intends to raise an amount approximate to its value.

This is the case of Víctor Manuel Sánchez, a retired firefighter who took his “last 1,000 pesos” (almost $ 50) from an ATM to buy two pieces of the raffle, at a cost of 500 pesos each (about $ 25).

“I gave myself the opportunity to come and buy two tickets for the presidential plane raffle. Hopefully something positive will come out of all this. The thing is that we have to help all Mexicans. And not only Mexicans, worldwide there are many people who is suffering, “said the man.

Last week López Obrador bought the first ticket for the raffle, which will take place on September 15 at the headquarters of the National Lottery, where 100 prizes of 20 million pesos (about one million dollars) each will be awarded, with a total of 2,000 million pesos (about 100 million dollars).

Initially, the president had proposed the contest as one of five ideas to get rid of the presidential plane, which will remain pending a buyer who agrees to pay the value indicated by the United Nations.

“Tomorrow we are going to talk about the raffle of the plane and you are going to see that all that resource, about 2,500 million (pesos or 125 million dollars) will be for equipment (doctors), and for attention to diseases,” he said Tuesday during his morning press conference.

Getting rid of the plane and flying on commercial airlines has been one of the main promises of the leftist leader, which has motivated thousands of citizens to participate in this raffle.

“Basically to help the country because it was already so well stolen, that the government lived with luxury. A lot of money was spent on them and they didn’t look at the town. So I think that right now we have a good president and we have to support him “, said Juan Alberto Sánchez, a retiree in Mexico City.

Although the progress of the distribution of tickets nationwide has not been specified, users shared on social networks that the sale began in the central state of Morelos and in the northern entities of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas and Sonora.

Initially, the president had announced that the official ticket sale would start on Monday, March 9, but he postponed it after criticism by feminist movements to coincide with the date of the national women’s strike.

In addition, the president said in February that about 75 businessmen promised 1.5 billion pesos (about $ 75 million) to acquire more than 3 million tickets from the National Lottery.


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