August 3, 2021

Mexican state of Baja California Sur on alert for tropical storm Sergio

Mexican state of Baja California Sur on alert for tropical storm Sergio

The Mexican state of Baja California Sur remains on alert before the arrival of tropical storm Sergio, who will make landfall in the early hours of this Friday, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) of Mexico reported today.

Cyclone Sergio is located 400 kilometers west-southwest of Cabo San Lazaro with a travel speed of 37 kilometers per hour to the northwest, said the SMN in its report of 19.00 hours (24.00 GMT).

With sustained winds of 95 kilometers per hour and gusts of 110 kilometers per hour, Sergio will make landfall near Punta Abreojos, Baja California Sur, in the early hours of this Friday, October 12.

Authorities in Baja California remain on alert in an area that goes from Cabo San Lázaro to Punta Eugenia, on the Pacific coast; and of Mulegé Bay of San Juan Bautista, on the eastern coast of the Gulf of California.

Civil Protection of Baja California Sur made the decision to suspend classes in schools in the areas of greatest risk in order to enable thirty shelters to shelter the inhabitants.

During its passage through Baja California Sur, Sergio will lose strength and will degrade to tropical depression, to enter the coast of the state of Sonora, where the alert is maintained in Guaymas, Empalme, Cajeme, San Ignacio, Rio Muerto and Hermosillo.

The SMN forecast indicates that already in the Mexican mainland Sergio will weaken to the category of permanent low pressure, when it is already on the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Sergio became a tropical storm on September 29 in the central Mexican Pacific and as a hurricane reached category 4 of the Saffir-Simpson scale on October 3, to begin to lose strength as he made his way to land.


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