June 24, 2021

Mexican prosecutor imputes femicide to the couple suspected of a score

Mexican prosecutor imputes femicide to the couple suspected of a score

The Prosecutor's Office of the State of Mexico today accused of the crime of feminicide to the couple suspected of a score of murders of women arrested a week ago in the municipality of Ecatepec, in this entity in central Mexico.

Through a statement, the Prosecutor indicated that Juan Carlos "N" and Patricia "N" were arrested on October 4 and are under investigation for the murder of a 28-year-old woman reported missing on September 6.

This is the second charge of the Prosecutor's Office against the couple, after the accusation of crimes against respect for the dead and violations of the laws of burial and exhumation, for which they were already linked to the process and are in prison.

During the hearing for the imputation of femicide, the judge listened to the report of the State Prosecutor's Office, accepted the accusation and confirmed the precautionary measure consisting of preventive detention for both.

It is expected that the couple of Juan Carlos and Patricia, will receive charges for each of the crimes allegedly committed, including femicides.

The suspects were arrested on October 4 in the Colonia Jardines de Morelos, municipality of Ecatepec, when they were carrying a stroller in which they transported human remains.

As a result of his arrest, two homes were registered in Ecatepec, where they found 8 plastic tanks of 20 liters each one inside which there were human remains covered with cement and a refrigerator with frozen remains wrapped in plastic bags.

In addition, the Office of the Prosecutor rescued the two-month-old baby from a woman who was allegedly killed by the couple and who had been sold to other people, who have been arrested and accused of illegal adoption.


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