July 24, 2021

Mexican "Ksi Meritos" dolls land in Spain with the opening of seven stores

Mexican "Ksi Meritos" dolls land in Spain with the opening of seven stores


The Mexican brand Distroller It will be unloaded this month in Spain by Cife with the opening of seven stores in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Bilbao. The Spanish distribution company Cife will make an investment of 8 to 10 million euros for two years to introduce these toys in our country. The products can be purchased from next week at the premises and will also be available on the web.

The toys of Distroller, which are divided into the lines «Neonates» (the «Kasi Meritos»), «Chamoy amiguis» and «Virgencita plis», promote «innovation, technology and emotional connection with their audience». Distroller, which has revolutionized the toy sector in Mexico, was founded in 2004 by graphic designer Amparo Serrano from her hand-made drawings.

The «Ksi meritos» have had a spectacular reception since they were launched in the Mexican market with more than 2.5 million dolls sold through 75 points of sale. With the recent opening of three stores in the United States, Distroller will continue its expansion strategy in Spain, Panama, Peru, Colombia and Chile.

During the presentation of the alliance between Distroller and Cife in the official residence of Mexico, the ambassador of Mexico in Spain, Roberta Lajous Vargas, highlighted "the internationalization of Distroller, a young but successful company", as well as the fact that Spanish companies that have invested in Mexico have gone from 4,000 to 6,000 in the last five years.

For his part, José Luis Villar, president of Cife has explained the choice of Spain as a gateway for the product in Europe for the "maturity of the toy market in our country and the cultural connections between Spain and Mexico." Likewise, the general director of Cife, Vanessa Salamanca has highlighted «the 100% adaptation to the European regulation of the products of Distroller».

Sales expectations in Spain are "high" due to the demand these toys have for three years, as explained by the international CEO of Distroller, Gabriela Pavón. "We chose Spain because of the maturity of its toy market and the cultural connections between Spain and Mexico in terms of ideology, tastes, language and humor," says Pavón.

The products, mostly manufactured in China and designed in Mexico, will be sold at an average price of 45 euros in the Spanish market.


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