June 21, 2021

Mexican judicial authorities decide provisional suspension of the Mayan Train

The First District Court of Campeche granted the Regional Indigenous and Popular Council of Xpujil (CEIPX) a provisional suspension for Mexican authorities to refrain from the execution of the Mayan Train in the state of Campeche, in southeastern Mexico.

The National Tourism Promotion Fund (Fonatur), an entity in charge of the Mayan Train, said that, on the contrary, the parallel request for temporary suspension of the indigenous consultation organized last December by the authorities was denied. However, its statement does not mention the second act claimed, regarding the execution of the train.

The legal director of Fonatur, Alejandro Varela, as well as various territorial links of this agency in the Mexican state bordering Quintana Roo, denied having been notified about the lawsuit against said train.

The amparo trial was promoted on January 6 by Ernesto Martínez Jiménez, representative of the CEIPX, organization with influence in Campeche, so that the authorities refrain from performing acts aimed at the execution of the Mayan Train.

Martínez also requested the provisional suspension of the indigenous consultation, but the judge only granted it in relation to the mega-work.

The Judiciary agreed to the provisional suspension to CEIPX “so that the responsible authorities, regardless of the outcome of the consultation, refrain from decreeing the approval of said project, or, having been decreed, refrain from performing acts tending to the execution of said project “, indicates the provisional sentence.

In a statement, the indigenous communities of the Maya Peninsular and Ch’ol people, settled in Xpujil, expressed their satisfaction with the suspension of the work and called on other peoples affected by the train to defend their right to a true consultation by legal means .

They announced that “they will continue working in legal actions” and weaving alliances with the National Assembly of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), where the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), and other sectors of society participates.

Last Friday, January 24, the Fonatur announced that the Mayan Train, one of the main infrastructure works of the Government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will begin construction on April 30.

The Mexican government said that some 60,000 million pesos (3,200 million dollars) are already insured until 2024 from the tourism promotion fund that is obtained from the collection of tourist taxes.

The other 60,000 million pesos (3,200 million dollars) that the project is expected to cost will be financed with the federal budget.


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