May 11, 2021

Mexican industrialists accuse the Federal Electricity Commission of lying

On Saturday, the Mexican Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN) accused the director general of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), a state company, Manuel Bartlett, of lying in the midst of the conflict over the new electricity policy of the Mexican Government.

CONCAMIN questioned Bartlett’s defense of the new rules of the National Energy Control Center (Cenace) and the agreement published last week by the Energy Secretariat (Sener) in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), which restrict the private production of renewable energy.

“It follows that in reality what was done through various government agencies obeys their instructions, which are trying to regain the CFE’s absolute monopoly status,” CONCAMIN denounced in a statement.

The industrialists referred to statements by the official on Friday, when he assured that “private companies should start helping to pay for transmission costs.”

Private companies that operate in the electricity market, they refuted, do pay CFE for transmission lines to transport energy to customers.

“Bartlett lies when he insinuates that private companies do not pay to use CFE’s transmission lines. By the way, the transmission activity, by constitutional mandate, can only be carried out by the State through the CFE,” argued CONCAMIN.

The agency also denied that renewable energies are subsidized, as stated Bartlett, who said that these companies “should pay part of the cost to ensure the continuous flow in the electrical network.”

In addition, he questioned one of the CFE’s main justifications for its electricity agreement, that of guaranteeing electricity supply in the COVID-19 crisis, arguing that renewable energies are “intermittent”.

“Bartlett shamelessly lies when he implies that only the private ones have intermittent plants and the CFE only base plants. He also lies when he does not explain that the base plants have a premium, the power payment, for being able to produce all day. “said CONCAMIN.

The Mexican government’s conflict with businessmen and environmentalists over electricity production worsened this week, when Cenace suspended pre-operational tests on 17 renewable plants on Tuesday.

After appeals obtained by the private in court, that same day Cenace backed down.

However, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced on Thursday that his government will defend its new electricity policy by insisting that “there was a looting” of the energy sector in the “neoliberal period”, for which the CFE deserves “fair treatment” .

CONCAMIN reiterated this Saturday that the new rules “seriously affect the health of Mexicans” and “compromise compliance with the country’s international commitments” on the environment.

Sener’s measures will jointly affect power projects in at least 18 states in the country, with a total investment of more than $ 30 billion, according to the Business Coordinating Council (CCE).

In addition, 44 projects under construction with more than 6,400 million dollars of investment are in danger, denounced the Mexican Energy Association (Asolmex) and the Mexican Wind Energy Association (Amdee).


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