Mexican coach Beto Sierra becomes a rapper with Caliber 50 and Santa Fe Klan

Mexico City, Jul 29 (EFE) .- The Mexican Beto Sierra, recognized mainly for his "fitness" challenges to multiple personalities, now dares to sing and appears alongside Caliber 50 and Santa Fe Klan in "Caring for the territory" , released this Thursday.

This song, which was created some time ago but sounds very current, has the voices of Edén Muñoz from Caliber 50, Santa Fe Klan and Sierra, which, he admitted, took a little time to generate.

"(Singing) It's very difficult! It looks easy when you're listening to it on the stereo, but it's difficult. Now I understand why they take up to a full day sometimes to record one or a few songs," said the promoter and artist coach of regional Mexican.

Sierra confessed that when he first went to the studio "he was intimidated" and after the first recording he didn't like at all, he practiced it for a few days and decided to sing it "with feeling."

"I was already singing it fluently, it didn't take me 20 minutes to complete it," he said.

For his friend for 15 years and singer of the Mexican regional group Caliber 50, Edén Muñoz, that the song is a rap helped the coach to do a good job.

They had never collaborated musically and this time, Sierra's first online, had Muñoz in tension. "I didn't think it would happen, but rap can be heard very well, it's a thick and different voice," said the also composer.

The coach had this song in mind and when the recordings began, he realized that Santa Fe Klan could be perfect on the subject, so the three were integrated into this song that already has more than 130,000 reproductions in less than two hours since its premiere.

In addition, in the previous days, the promoter saw that the followers of the three were eager to hear it, something that made him remember when he told Muñoz "have faith in me." "When I showed a little bit there was a riot in social networks."

They both agreed that it is a good time to release the song and also said that they would love to sing it together on stage.

The leader of Caliber 50, affirmed that it has been a very important sum for this song.

"The story is that the track (song) is many years old, it was saved. I, who am a producer and composer on other issues, believe that songs have their time and their exact moment and I believe that the exact moment of this song, "he considered.

In addition, the singer said that, although he already had some other rap song, it caused him conflict because of a little explored terrain for him, being more explicit.

"I had to adapt a character, be in the video, get more out on the street and take as a reference Ángel (Santa Fe Klan) who is from the neighborhood, who does burn weed (marijuana). Muñoz finished.


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