Mexican clowns give their best face by raising awareness about a pandemic in the subway

At the most critical point of the pandemic, clowns search for the best face of the crisis in the Mexico City subway, a “high contagion zone” in which these artists instruct passengers to wear face masks and antibacterial gel.

“If you want to travel on the subway, you should wear face masks, you have to protect yourself and others,” shouts the clown Piñitas at the Pino Suárez station, one of the busiest in the Collective Transport System (STC), which registers a decrease 80% of users, according to the Government of Mexico City.

“It is easier for a person to reach out when a clown or a clown does it than when a policeman does it because they see him as more challenging”, explains the young woman to Efe about the campaign “Don’t let the clown load you”, Mexican phrase that defines a serious event, which no longer has a remedy.

This campaign coincides with the maximum phase of COVID-19 in Mexico, which this Friday expects its peak of infections by adding up to 29,616, of which 8,129, 27.45%, have occurred in the capital, more than in any other entity. .

Mexico City also leads in deaths with a total of 696, almost a quarter of the 2,961 registered nationwide.

For this reason, the campaign with clowns, the closure of some stations and the mandatory use of a mask have been implemented in the capital’s metro, one of the largest in America, transporting more than 5 million people daily.


But not everything has been joy for Piñitas, whose real name is Alejandra Piña, who asks for help for urban artists like her.

“What do we entertain ourselves with when we are not doing anything? With art, books and so on. So it is important. Clowns have hardly been supported,” he says.

In this, his colleague Sonrisitas agrees, a clown with 35 years of experience who has joined the cause in one of the connections of Line 1 with Line 2.

“There is no work, because party halls, theaters, open areas, parks were closed, it was all our forum to work. Then that was closed, our work was closed, there is no. Then this campaign came in handy for us right now,” says the artist, named Cecilia Leal.


With 12 lines and 226 kilometers for Mexico City and its metropolitan area, the capital authorities recognize the metro as a “highly contagious area”.

This initiative is one of their latest strategies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which also includes constant sanitation of wagons.

“They are adequate, I believe that if we had implemented this from the first stages of the outbreak, this would not have come to this, but it is never too late to carry it out and they are correct,” says passenger Martín Zambrano.

But the clown campaign represents an opportunity to smile for many passengers who cannot stay home due to the nature of their work.

“It affects both economically and morally. A lot of people are tired of being locked up, they already want to go out to work. There are people who do not have enough to eat sometimes, they are hitting everything and they are going to hit uglier when this happens” , says Pedro González.


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