April 14, 2021

Mexican city of Tizimín achieves Guinness to the world’s longest thread of kings

The Mexican city of Tizimín, in the eastern state of Yucatán, on Monday achieved a new Guinness to the longest thread of kings in the world with 3,009.65 meters in length, the record winners announced.

More than 30,000 people, including pilgrims and tourists, witnessed the record that surpasses by almost one kilometer the previous mark of the longest thread of kings in the world established in 2019 by the Mexican city of Saltillo with 2,065.43 meters, they said.

The World Records Guinness certifiers for Latin America, Carlos Tapia Rojas and Susana Reyes, rated the long line to receive bread “as extraordinary” when confirming the goal.

“This time the attempt has been for the longest bread line in the world, having the main challenge of overcoming Saltillo,” said Tapia in a message to the crowd gathered in Tizimín, about 167 kilometers from Merida, the state capital Yucatan Mexican.

Next, Reyes announced the record success with an official distance of 3,009.65 meters.

Tapia explained to Efe that during the qualification tour, which lasted about six hours, they were accompanied by sanitary experts and a dimensor to measure bread length.

Some 40 bakers used 2.6 tons of flour, more than 13,500 eggs, as well as 50 kilos of yeast, 50 kilos of salt, 625 liters of milk, 500 kilos of acitron and 187 kilos of butter, 187 kilos of vegetable shortening “for the ornament ”and 100 kilos of sugar.

Because of the bread extension, they placed 19,000 plastic dolls and another 20 more of clay, they explained.

Four bakeries, with 75 sponsors, made bread in Tizimín, which has the largest sanctuary in Latin America dedicated to the Magi, only after the one in the cathedral of Cologne (Germany).

“About 40 bakers began on Sunday, January 5, 2020, the elaboration of the enormous bread,” Tizimín’s president of the largest Rosca committee in the world, Daniel Avila Ruiz, told Efe.

The emotion of his words was reinforced by about 40 bakers, headed by Sergio Carlos Fiscal Mena, Jorge Sosa, Omar Uicab and Buenaventura Sosa, who insisted that their main motivation to create the world’s largest Rosca was their faith, their love for the Saints Kings.

Complying with all the regulations required by the Guinness Record “and achieving the goal that positions the City of Kings in the eyes of the world was in addition,” says Don Sergio Fiscal.

“We managed to create the largest and most special Rosca de Reyes in the world, because of the fervor that the inhabitants and pilgrims overflow when they arrive at the Sanctuary of the Three Wise Men”, insists the baker.

For Yucatán, it is the fourth Guinnes Record in its history.

In March 2010, it made the world’s largest piglet with 3,094 kilos, lost it in 2015 to the Philippines and its 4,046 kilos of a pork stew, and in 2016 it recovered the Guinness with 6,626.50 kilos of cochinita, the traditional Yucatan dish .

In 2014, Yucatán implemented a Guinnes Record with the largest pulp on the planet with 1,326.64 kilos of mollusk.


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