August 8, 2020

Mexican church trusts that papal mission reaffirms zero tolerance for abuse

The Mexican bishops welcomed on Monday the arrival of a papal mission to advise them in the fight against sexual abuse by stating that they expect this commission to reaffirm the response to these cases under the principle of zero tolerance.

“We trust that it will serve to improve the response to these cases, seeking the action of civil and canonical justice under the principle of ‘zero tolerance’ so that no case goes unpunished in our Church,” the Conference of the Conference said in a press release Mexican Episcopate (CEM).

The CEM, which presides over the Archbishop of Monterrey, Rogelio Cabrera López, clearly stated that for the Church “to be able to contribute effectively to the fight against this scourge that is verified in so many areas of society (family, school, work, among others) must first commit itself effectively to the eradication of the same within. “

The CEM said that, in relation to the situation of sexual abuse of minors in the ecclesial field, together with their National Council for the Protection of Minors they have tried to “fight responsibly” against the culture of abuse and the system of concealment that allows it perpetuate

“This conviction, which comes from accompanying the victims in their pain, seeking justice and healing, led us to request support from the Holy See through the Apostolic Nunciature,” the CEM said in the statement.

The bishops of Mexico thanked that the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Spanish cardinal Luis Ladaria, sent on this mission to the archbishop of Malta and his deputy secretary, Charles Scicluna, assisted by Monsignor Jordi Bartomeu.

The mission in Mexico will take place between March 20 and 27 and will seek to improve the response to these scandals.

With this mission, the CEM said, it seeks to benefit the smallest and most vulnerable, and “specifically to us as bishops to continue guarding these brothers of ours.”

The Conference urged bishops and senior superiors of religious congregations to take advantage “with the greatest willingness and openness of this opportunity”, given the experience of Scicluna and Bertomeu in this matter.

They expressed their appreciation to the value of the victims who raised their voices, to the investigation and dissemination of the media and to the struggle of many members of the Church who are committed to the protection of minors.

Pope Francis will send to Mexico a mission to advise the Mexican clergy in the fight against sexual abuse of minors that will be headed by Scicluna, which will be assisted by Bartomeu.

In March 2019, the Catholic Church of Mexico admitted that 101 priests had been prosecuted for sexual crimes since 2010, without informing about their status or the outcome of the accusations before the civil authorities.


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