January 16, 2021

Mexican Church considers insufficient measures against violence

Mexican Church considers insufficient measures against violence

The Mexican Catholic Church warned on Sunday that the measures of the new government to combat the wave of violence in the country "are not enough" and demanded "not slip the bulge" of the problem.

"Insecurity and corruption have become the two main battles of the new Government and society, however, it seems that the actions taken so far are not enough," said the Archdiocese of Mexico.

In an editorial published in the weekly Desde la Fe, the Church asked "What is still to be done? What are we doing wrong? In what way can we support to root out these issues that hurt us in the deepest ? "

And he warned President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who took office on December 1, that "we can not hide behind blaming the past administrations because that would be the way out of the problem."

The Church held that Palm Sunday, celebrated today, is "the ideal time to stop along the way, evaluate our actions and reconcile with God."

In this line, he invited "the rulers, politicians and all the authorities who watch over our security to reflect on the situation in our country, and the actions that are being carried out."

For the Church, violence is the "reflection of problems that have not yet been resolved: lack of education, lack of good jobs and opportunities, poverty, corruption and impunity, among others."

"Behind every act of violence there is a history that originated it, and that, both Government and society, we are not attending correctly," the archdiocese said in the editorial.

Lopez Obrador has promoted the creation of a National Guard, formed by police and military to reduce the country's crime, which last year recorded 33,369 intentional homicides, being the most violent year since there are records.

In addition, it has promised to address what it considers to be the causes that cause violence in Mexico: the high rates of poverty and inequality.


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