April 20, 2021

Mexican Caribbean with its lowest occupation in years by coronavirus

The Mexican Caribbean, with its well-known hotel zone in Cancun, suffers from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and registered 36% occupancy on Monday, authorities said.

Until this weekend, the authorities reported that in this area there were an average of 80,000 tourists “levels of occupation that had not been in place for many years.”

Tourists who dare to leave their hotels have turned to public beaches, to take advantage of the sandbanks that allow them to form a kind of natural pools that attract local and foreign families.

In shopping malls, restaurants, discos and bars the picture is different and in the absence of customers many businesses have decided to lower the curtain until economic conditions are more favorable.

The authorities asked the businessmen to work in the recovery stage with promotional campaigns that can be launched as soon as things start to improve, focused on a first stage in the Mexican market.

The loss of jobs worries the labor sector before the closure of businesses, as happened with a well-known beach club that reduced its workforce from 900 to 20 in the face of the pandemic.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) announced the closure to the public of the 13 archaeological zones located in the state of Quintana Roo, including Tulum, the third most visited in the country.

In a photographic hostel in Cancun known for the long lines to take the photo with the turquoise sea in the background, now there are almost no visitors. Only a small group of Italians approached this place looking for options to get to know a little of Cancun.

Annarella Oliva left Italy with friends before the Coronavirus crisis erupted in her country and this Monday she arrived in Cancun after more than 40 days touring Mexico.

“Mexico City, Guadalajara, Morelia, Chihuahua, Los Mochis, Sonora, the park was closed, El Peñasco reserve was closed, now we come here to visit the south, Mexico City maintains the virus problem, and we decided to come here “he explained.

Annarella reported that they will continue to visit the Yucatan Peninsula as far as possible, as their return flight to Italy is scheduled for the end of April.

He ensures that he is kept abreast of the situation in his country via the internet and also through conversations with friends and family. “It is a very big problem – in Italy – and in Cancun I do not know why it is the first day that I am here, I do not know the situation,” he said.

Pietro Sabatini explains that since their arrival they have only been able to visit the beaches since many of the tourist attractions are closed.

“It is beautiful what you can see now, yes, it is beautiful,” he said, referring to the sea in Cancun, which was one of the reasons why the entire group he travels with decided to take a flight here.


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