Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Mexican actor Roberto Palazuelos will present his reality show on MTV

The controversial Mexican actor Roberto Palazuelos announced Thursday the premiere of his reality show, "Palazuelos mi rey", on October 15 on the MTV cable television channel.

The program, the first of this actor known in Mexico as the "black diamond", aims to show a face of Palazuelos "never seen before," that of the businessman, said in a press conference in Mexico City.

He explained that this production of MTV represented a great challenge because he had never participated in such a project because he was used to working under a script.

Palazuelos, actor and lawyer, is known in Mexico precisely for his participation in soap operas such as: "Muchachitas", "Two women, a road", "Poor rich girl" or "For a lifetime".

"In reality there is virtually no action and there is no cut then these (cameramen) come in with the camera and hold on," said the actor.

He pointed out that another issue that seemed "very difficult" was to work with many people "who are part of my life but who are not television professionals. They killed you the light, they put you in front, they put the bubbles (buttocks) in front of the camera, "he explained.

At first, he said, he worried that the producers were the same as the reality Acapulco Shore -program on the uncontrolled summer of some young people in that Mexican port city-, but after talking with them "they did not abuse sex" since they had in mind "deeper content".

He indicated that he hopes that since its premiere, in 18 countries, the reality show "Palazuelos mi rey", will serve as a means of tourism promotion for Mexico.

"It is a huge tourist promotion tool for Caribbean destinations, Cancun, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Morelos, Acapulco," said the businessman.

Palazuelos considered that what has been more complicated to expose his life to the public more than could be said about him on social networks, because that will force him to increase security measures for himself and his family.

"I worry about exposing who I am, because if it was known but now they will see it well and that puts me in a situation where I will have to redouble my security. I had never exposed my son in this way and now I am going to having to take more care, "he said.

Throughout the first season, you will see how the entrepreneur interacts with his family and friends, suggesting that he is not a "junior", but that he has "built an empire with his work. It is aspirational, if I can why they ( the public) no, "he finished.

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