Messi’s departure could cost Barcelona 137 million in brand value

The gamer march Leo Messi it could cost the FC Barcelona a devaluation of 137 million euros in terms of brand value, eleven percent of the total amount in which the Blaugrana club brand is valued up to now.

According to a report by ‘Brand Finance’ collected by Europa Press, of the 1,266,000,000 million of the brand value of FC Barcelona, almost eleven percent (137 million) will be lost due to the departure of Messi of the entity, unable to reach an agreement for a new contract.

FC Barcelona is currently the second brand of clubs soccer most valuable in the world, according to the Brand Finance Football 50 2021 report. With a brand value only lower than that of the Real Madrid, which has a brand value of 1,276,000,000 million.

‘Brand Finance’ estimates that the non-continuity of Messi could cause a drop of that eleven percent in the value of the brand of the Blaugrana club, and in addition to not catching the eternal rival, he could lose his second place and give it to the Manchester United, whose current brand value is 1,130,000,000 million.

Messi, an attractive focus for sponsors

Messi’s departure would directly affect several concepts. Among them, that of commercial income, since the global impact of Messi’s personal brand makes him a very attractive spotlight for corporate sponsors.

Messi tHe has over 240 million followers on Instagram, more than double that of the official account of FC Barcelona (99.5). Thus, the brand value at risk only linked to commercial income is estimated to be around 77 million euros.

Regarding the performance in the field and value of the ‘matchday’, the brand believes that Messi had a “colossal impact” to attract a “significant” amount of fans to the club, with his more than 30 goals per season since 2008 or 35 titles won. In this section, Messi could cost Barcelona up to 17 million in brand value.

Finally, the sale of t-shirts and merchandising. Messi’s shirt sales reportedly generated more than € 200 million, of which the club raises around 15 percent. So his departure may also result in a loss of Nike’s revenue if Barcelona’s marketing sales decline, valued at around € 43 million in brand value.

The courts will rule in “a matter of hours”

On the other hand, the demands for provisional suspension before the civil and administrative justice in France to prevent the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) hire Messi they will have an outcome “in a matter of hours,” the lawyer told EFE. Juan Branco, which represents a group of members of Barcelona.

Branco explained that represents the interests of a peña de Lyon (southeast of France), the largest in the country. Parallel to this process, this group has also requested that the European Commission (EC) act ex officio alleging a “distortion” of the internal market by the alleged violation of PSG’s “financial fair-play”.

The 31-year-old lawyer famous for representing Julian Assange in France, trusts that the French administrative Justice will rule in the next 48 hours on the demand and complaint presented this Monday at noon that seek to “suspend” the signing pending a final judicial decision.

“In terms of law we are going to end up winning, the problem is that we arrive too late, if Messi has already signed when Justice is pronounced.Then there may only be retroactive sanctions“He assumed. In the event that he signs before there is a judicial decision,” urgency “may not be invoked in the procedure either, he added.

Sanctions postponed to 2023

The plaintiffs allege that PSG will violate the rules of “financial fair-play” with an eventual signing of Messi (balance between expenses and income) and they see a “distortion” of the competition between the Spanish and French League.

“The French League has decided to postpone sanctions for those who do not comply with those rules to 2023, I mean after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Until then, PSG can do whatever it wants, while Barça has to abide by these regulations, “he denounced.

It is for this reason that Branco has presented the complaint to the community authorities. “They have given us an acknowledgment of receipt.” However, this process can take up to a year, acknowledged the lawyer.

Barco: “We know that the French government supports the arrival of Messi”

Branco announced that he is preparing a third legal action: a conservative measure that prevents the approval of Messi’s contract in France, without finally signing it. For this, the French Professional Football League (LFP) must be notified.

Finally, the young lawyer acknowledged that they fight against “great powers.” “We know that the French Government supports the arrival of Messi”, argued.

He also left criticism of the Barça leadership. “We do not understand why they are not joining in this fight. They will not want to be angry with Messi, or with Qatar”, a country that hosts the World Cup in 2022.

PSG has been owned by a Qatari investment fund for a decade.


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