July 27, 2021


Black and poor family, King Pele (for his genius, not for inheritance or divine design) always put a good face on the great power; He likes tributes more than finger food. Cruyff, as intelligent as he was bold, never worried about what the leaders would think about his genuine way of understanding football. What compliment Valdano threw at him when he said that when he was ever in front of him in a match, where he is supposed to sweat infinitely and body fluids are disturbed, Cruyff smelled very good. It would have been beautiful and exalting to confirm that he did not attend the World Cup in Argentina because of his disgust at the Military Junta, but that is not clear. Seeing Maradona on the court was a privilege for the eyes and senses of the spectator. But the character, or his painful cartoon, has always caused me to grimace.

I remember people who created art with a ball, asking me the most impenetrable of them: "What do you think, Messi?" I do it hours before I play the classic. Or that it is not played. This man, defined as an autistic by expendable forofos, practices in the field of unsurpassed architect and mathematician. But, above all, it is a tsunami in its unstoppable snatch. What is Messi's opinion about Tsunami Democàtric? Do you admit the reasons of each other? What do you think of his methodology? Would it remain in Barça if Catalonia became an independent republic?

Soccer is football is immensely popular Dadaist nonsense. Football is many things, some of them execrable. And his power is immense by having infinite parishioners. What does your god think of the state of things? Surely you have an opinion. I doubt that he makes it public.

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