June 21, 2021

Messi stays to avoid going to court with Bara – La Provincia

He never wanted to leave Barça, but once the decision was made, with a deep family tear, he had already left home. “When I told my family and my children that I could go, it was a drama. They all started crying,” admitted Leo. Messi, than ends up staying against their will because, as he himself revealed in an interview with Goal, “I would never go to court against the club of my life and the one I love. It’s crazy“He stays, not wanting to stay. Forced to stay. She had already left and they make her come back.

For that reason, he has had to undo the path accusing President Josep Maria Bartomeu of “breaking his word” and justifying the sending of the burofax to communicate his desire to leave Barça “because he was not giving him a ball.”

He had told him, as this newspaper revealed, many times in private, but the president never paid attention to him. On January 1, Messi is the owner, now absolute, of his destiny, and you will be free to go where you want.

And free because he does not renew as Bartomeu wanted, who managed to retain the captain, trapped as he was because he did not want to go to the judicial battle.

Leo felt that the clause (Jorge Messi, his father and agent, replied to the League) allowed him to go free. “I was sure I could go. And now they know that I didn’t do it before June 10But we were competing for all this shitty virus, ‘complained the captain.

“Stage finished”

But not even the star, who had already “ended his time at the club” because, in addition, “I thought it was time to step aside”Neither did Manchester City, after Messi called Guardiola, have wanted to become entangled in an unpredictable legal dispute over the 700 million euro clause.

On two occasions he denied Argentina. And in both he returned. In one he cursed Barça, but his feeling made him abandon the judicial “madness”. Much to his regret, he continues. He continues, but points and points to Bartomeu, whom he accuses of not respecting the word he gave him.

Right now, 20 years after his arrival, when he made the second most important decision of his life (the first, with just 13, was to tell his father that he was not returning to Argentina), he feels used by the leader.

Club silence

At all times, Messi has wanted to dissociate the figure of Barça from that of Bartomeu, the president who has retained him under the contract, taking advantage of the erratic legal plan drawn up by the player’s advisers.

Leo spoke, proclaiming his truth, with simplicity (he was in flip-flops at home) and the leader, as well as the entire board, is silent for the moment. Not a single statement has been made on Barcelona in these 10 days since you received the burofax, a legal document to certify your will.

Bartomeu? He feels like a winner, having mastered the pulse with the star, the first to beat him, thus raising his sense of authority. The disagreement larvae for many months has already turned into an irreparable divorce. The president breathes relieved that he will not go down in history like the one who let Messi go.

But yes, on the other hand, with which Messi faced with levels of harshness never seen before, revealing the cracks that will now preside over the last months of such a complex and unpredictable relationship.

With the electoral landscape, just around the corner, Bartomeu giving all the power of the wardrobe to Koeman, forced to seduce now a new Messi, who faces his last year of contract in a scenario he never imagined. He is at home, where he no longer wants to be. With City, Paris SG, Juventus and the big clubs waiting patiently on the market from January 1 to sign it for free.

The chaos

Messi stays, but before entering the sports city of Sant Joan Despí he wanted to uncover the chaotic sports planning of a club that will have three coaches in a year (Valverde, Setién and Koeman) after seeing five technical secretaries parade in the last five years (Zubi, Robert, Pep Segura, Abidal and now Planes).

“There is no project here or anything. They juggle and cover holes as things go by,” denounced the captain, who reminded him, and on several occasions, Bartomeu “that in this last year I did not find happiness. inside the club “. Bartomeu’s happiness was that Messi did not leave the Camp Nou. And less to the City of Guardiola or a direct rival of the Champions.

Start from scratch

The captain no longer trusted the president. Now less. And she’s already stopped talking to him. Now everything I told him in private has been transferred to the global stage of the world, staging a rupture that will haunt them both in these final months of coexistence.

“I did not want to fight with the club”, argued Messi, who when he steps into the sports city will see a new Barça, with Koeman, without sacred cows, with Coutinho and Bartomeu as president.


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