Messi sinks Spanish football

Ronaldo, who treads less strongly than Messi, went ahead in the exodus to the Argentine. The Portuguese achieved that The league lost its world title to be surpassed by the British Premier and by the Italian Lega. Even the soporific French competition threatened the supremacy lost by the Spanish competition on the back of a single club. We leave it up to the scholars to see the specific weight loss translated into the absence of the decisive Champions League qualifying rounds, not to mention the sovereign beatings that the European greyhounds inflict serially on the native clubs.

Messi's departure is a blow to coronavirus deniers, why throw the football board into the air. In the section of Economy where the defection of the Argentine should be published in good logic, Real Madrid Y Barça retain and now share the leadership as the most sought-after clubs on the planet. This façade, which had already been demolished by empty stadiums, became unsustainable with the escape of the giant Atlas who was holding the entire project on his back. Samson tears down the temple.

It was Messi's LaLiga. Without the lead actor, the party is over. Barça has not been able to put the millions where the always optimistic language had placed. Although the departure of a very expensive veteran player is associated with a hidden blessing for a club, Ronaldo's precedent will chill supporters of a silver bridge. In addition, the Argentine alone of homeland is an absolute creation of the Barça ranks. Neither the signing of Mbappé tomorrow will diminish the grief.

Messi did not leave before Barça because nobody dared to pay his card, which implies that this end has been solved. His migration will stir up the debate about the best footballer in history. Although the extraordinary biography of Maradona in images by Asif Kapadia raises doubts in the viewer, Messi is the only athlete who can dispute the world title in all disciplines to Michael Jordan. Both have been relentless, without birds, guaranteeing baskets and goals, unattainable in their work. Hence, someone may think that we do not speak here of a farewell, but of a death. And the corpse does not correspond of course to the player, in the absence of identifying the murderer.


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