Messi made a hat trick with Argentina, beat a Pele record and cried again with emotion

Messi celebrates one of his three goals against Bolivia.

Messi celebrates one of his three goals against Bolivia.

AND Leo Messi he cried again, as in his farewell to Baccelona. He is already the top scorer in history at the national team level in South America. His new hat trick, this time against Bolivia, allowed him to overcome Pele for two targets. Messi has scored 79 goals since his debut with the senior team in 2005. The feat allowed him to complete a night of emotions that included the postponed celebration in the city of Buenos Aires the Copa América obtained in July in Brazil. “I really wanted to be able to enjoy this. I waited a long time for him, “he said, with tears in his eyes, just finished the South American qualifying game that consolidates Argentina’s second place in the standings, behind Brazil.

Messi had a stellar night, and that is why the 20,000 people who, after a long time of restrictions due to the pandemic, returned to the stadium, surrendered to the best player in the world, with the same gesture that for so many years was repeated in the Camp Nou: raising and lowering the hands in recognition.

Nothing more desired for Messi than to go around the Olympics in his country. “I dreamed it, and thank God it has been“. He celebrated on the field with his teammates and accompanied by his family in the stands. Like the players, he said,”They suffered“When the press punished him for not winning a championship. Those days of criticism and unusual sermons from a sector of the press are in the past. Messi is currently the object of unanimity. For this reason, La Noche de Buenos Aires offered “a unique moment“.

The match

We won, which was the important thing “, he pointed out about the comfortable victory against the Bolivians. Although it is the weakest opponent in the qualifying rounds, Argentina this time exhibited a more virtuous performance than in previous matches against the same rival.

Leo’s first goal came at 19 minutes. Paredes stole a ball in the middle of the field. Messi received from behind. Haquín tried to stop him but the star He shook it off with a pipe. His shot was unassailable for Lampe.

The second score came at 13 minutes into the second half thanks to a great team play. There was little left until the game was over when, once again, the Flea, after a new joint action by his teammates, beat the goalkeeper for the third time. “Come … come … sing with me … that of the hand … of Leo Messi … all the return we are going to give”, they began to sing the 20,000 people who went to the River Plate stadium. At the time of the celebrations, after the game, the teammates of the selected team repeated the same song, while the captain and current PSG player found it difficult to contain the tears.


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