January 21, 2021

Messi leaves irremediably, Bara still tries to resist – La Provincia

Josep Maria Bartomeu yesterday was photographed next to Trincao after the signing of the Portuguese contract, but his head had to be somewhere else, in another player, with whom it is hard to imagine that he will be photographed again in a friendly way. Leo Messi has decided to leave Barça. She wants to do it for free. And the club and its president seek to prevent both one thing and the other. Like to think about Trincao.

From the offices it is ensured that Bartomeu he repeats that it is necessary to get him to stay as it is and that he does not want to prosecute the conflict. It gives the feeling that he is late, that not a face to face between the two would avoid what yesterday and today seems inevitable.

The Argentine has contacted him Manchester City of Pep Guardiola, the coach who has gotten the best out of him. A brutal reunion called to shake up the football industry. It would be the winning project that he is looking for at 33 years old, in the League with the most resonance on the planet and in a team in which, above all, he would coincide with another friend. Kun Agüero would be the new compadre, intimate and mate relay of Luis Suarez.

FIFA endorsement

His negotiations with City would have started and can be fluid, but the global agreement cannot be seen as quick. The Barça tries to fight by Messi claiming the validity of a contract that, apparently, can be interpreted in the opposite way depending on the interests.

Messi He would have assured City officials that the exit clause, by virtue of the unusual and prolonged season, would allow him to leave for the good of the Barça entity. FIFA would protect the player and grant him the transfer if the Manchester club requested it. It remains to be seen if the English want to enter the fray with him Barça, who understands that the clause is clear, he had a maximum margin until June 10 to leave freely, and the burofax can only be interpreted as a form of pressure.

Which seems to lead the conflict in two directions: or Barça and Messi go to court and to see what compensation a judge decides one day, with the wear and tear for both that that would mean, apart from sad after so many years, or they sit down to talk, with City on the phone, on what type of operation would allow the Argentine to leave leaving a few million in the battered Barcelona box and incidentally some exchange players.

Appearance of normality

Bartomeu, to this day, resists giving up the best footballer in history. He does not want to be the president who lets the Rosario escape, he insists. He does not want to sell it and believes he has the law, which he does not want to appeal to in court, on his side. But Messi is adamant in his determination to leave his Castelldefels base. And when a star wants to go, the story –Neymar aside – it shows that he usually gets his way.

On the surface, the club made yesterday see that nothing abnormal was happening in his troubled bowels. The institutional crisis caused by Messi’s rudeness was treated as a sports crisis with the appearance of Ramon Planes, the new technical secretary and the first to officially open his mouth at the club since the burofax war broke out.

“We do not contemplate any exit of Messi at the contractual level. We want him to stay. Our idea is to build a winning cycle around the best player in the world,” he said. He did so after an informal chat with the president, the CEO Òscar Grau and Javier Bordas, manager of the first team, during the act with Trincao.

The convulsion over Messi’s departure occurs in an electoral scenario in which the candidates compete in who verbally punishes the management of Bartomeu the strongest and demands his resignation, which by the way the president continues without contemplating despite the deafening shouting around him. One of these contenders for the club’s throne, Jordi Farré, capitalized on the outrage with swift procedures to launch the motion of censure.

At the command of Koeman

Messi has become an electoral throwing weapon but not a wayward footballer, hence, according to his surroundings, he is willing to take Sunday medical tests and train at the orders of Koeman from Monday to avoid any indiscipline.

There you will see the faces with Busquets and Ansu Fati, who yesterday advanced their return to training, and the rest of their teammates. Also, by force, with others discarded by the coach. Some will appear, therefore, stimulated by the demanding character of Koeman and others, like Messi himself, with their heads elsewhere. Just like Bartomeu yesterday with Trincao.


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