March 8, 2021

Messi explodes against the referee after Argentina's defeat against Brazil in the Copa America

Argentine striker Lionel Messi cried out against Ecuadorian Roddy Zambrano on Wednesday and said Brazil "handles a lot in Conmebol", after being eliminated in the Copa América semifinal against Canarinha.

"Bronca with the referee because during the whole game he favored them, in all the plays and that is going to unsettle you, he is taking you out of the game, the penalty kick to 'Kun' (Agüero) to Otamendi …", He told the Argentine star in the mixed zone of the Mineirao stadium, where they were defeated by the hosts 2-0.

"They got tired of collecting boludeces in this Cup, penitent criminals and today they did not even go to the VAR in a very clear play, but hey, that's what there is … Brazil was local, nowadays they handle a lot in the Conmebol and it's complicated" , he added.

Argentina was superior in many phases of the match, but lost 2-0 because of two blows from Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino, who gave Brazil the pass to the final.

"We generated a lot more than they did, they found themselves with a goal in an isolated play and the second one against," said shirt 10.

He also indicated that the albiceleste group did "a very good job" and that it hurts them to "respect us for the work" they did.

"At all times we exceeded them, we were superior and these guys showed they are doing great things, I hope they are respected and they start hitting them from now on and let them grow because they have quality to be here and love the national team," he said.

Messi said they go "with their heads high" because they "fought" and "tried".

"At any time we could have scored a goal and changed the game, the reality is that the boys showed that the team has a future and on that side you can have peace and quiet."

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