October 1, 2020

Messi executes the clause to leave and not show up for training – La Provincia

Leo Messi has executed the clause, according to has been able to know El Periódico de Catalunya, which existed in his contract to terminate it unilaterally, so will not be presented this Sunday at the start of the new project sports of Barça, directed by Ronald Koeman. The intention of the Argentine is to meet again with Pep Guardiola, but now in the Manchester City, although the Paris SG and the Inter They are the other two teams that are pending their final decision.

The Barça star has gone one step further to certify that your willingness to leave the Camp Nou it is irreversible. Messi He had already met with Koeman last week indicating that he was seen more outside than inside the club.

Now the captain has informed the club that You will not go to the PCR tests or at the start of training next Monday, August 31, pending now to know if the other ‘sacred cows’ of the staff, such as Luis Suárez, Arturo Vidal or RakiticYes, they will attend the start of the preseason.

The Barça urges him to go

The captain considers that You don’t have to go because your contract has ended. He makes use of that clause, but insists on making himself available to the club to find the best possible exit. The club maintains that this clause has no value whatsoever, so it urges you to go to training this Sunday so as not to incur an indisciplinary act.

Found positions

Messi is clear that he does not want to continue at the Camp Nou, despite the fact that the president Josep Maria Bartomeu He urged you to renew until 2023. There is no going back. The captain has already executed his clause, so he is, according to his legal advisers, exempted from joining the club’s discipline.

The board, however, holds the opposite. The first step of the directive will be consider the captain’s absence as a minor offense on the first day of training, depending, of course, on how this case unfolds.

If necessary, and as he did in his day with Arthur, who decided to stay in Brazil and not go back to training, Barça could open a disciplinary file for Messi.

But the Argentine star’s legal advisers maintain that this contract was already terminated at the end of the season, despite the fact that the club describes the exit clause that expired on June 10 as expired.

Messi, on the other hand, gives it all the validity, convinced as they are your lawyers that FIFA will give them the transfer to sign for another team. This is what Jorge Messi, father and agent of the star, made known to President Bartomeu in the two talks he has had since last Friday when this newspaper revealed the captain’s intention.

Months of disagreement

Messi wanted to reach out for a friendly outing. But Barça, through its top leader, let him know that I would not accept a meeting to sell it. And much less to give him the letter of freedom because, unlike Xavi and Iniesta, would reinforce a direct rival in the fight for Champions.

The only appointment the president was willing to do was to sign the renewal for two more years to avoid going down in history as the man who let the best player in the club’s history escape.

But Messi already made it clear months ago, although he felt that Bartomeu ignored him, his willingness to leave the club. When the first burofax arrived last Tuesday, it was clear that they were not just words.

It was the document that certified the definitive separation of Messi from Barça, although the club alleges that he has a contract until 2021 and a termination clause, set at 700 million, which makes him inaccessible in any market in the football industry. And in this post-pandemic, even more so.


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