August 9, 2020

Messi executes Celta (4-1) with two foul goals and one penalty

Leo Messi returned to shine his left boot to get his team out of a delicate situation. As if it were a pool stick that is given chalk to fine-tune in the beating of the balls, the "10" Barça executes his ritual in the fouls: grabs the ball, places it, looks at the goalkeeper, takes the steps back and throw with a soft touch while signing, so that it takes speed and effect. Celta suffered the sniper version of the Argentine (You may be interested to read here the report of how Messi throws the faults: double effect, look at the ball). Just before the break and just after, he had two free throws from a similar position. And he shot the shot, so that if it wasn't because he was in one goal and the other in the opposite, it would be difficult to figure out which goal is which. Even the goalkeeper Rubén's flight was the same. And so, what was a difficult game for the Catalans in a day in which everything looked with a magnifying glass, became something more placid and there was even a good stretch of the second part in which Barça played well.

And if the crash had become a kind of trial, it was because Valverde's team came from two stumbles and bad feelings. Everything is called into question, especially the coach and his decisions. But the coach again risked leaving Busquets on the bench, although he had to get him out quickly because of Semedo's injury. And if the duel was in the air it was for the good work of Celta. With a new coach like Oscar, a great connoisseur of his rival because he played a lifetime, he understood that the way to hurt the champion is to push him very high. Arribísima even, taking Barcelona to the limit and forcing Ter Stegen to have to look for a long way out. Thus, forced situations were seen. Messi backed many meters to try it is part of the elaboration of the game, although that already does it in other games, and the recipient of the goalkeeper's balls was Griezmann It was an unpleasant night for him: he lacks body to hold the ball and withstand the harassment of the plants, and although he touched them, none remained. He despaired. He doesn't find his place yet and although he throws a lot of unchecks, they don't always look for him. Messi insisted on rehabitar it in the second part, with the duel of face, and it happened to him and he passed balls, including one of goal, but the French failed the hand to hand. Another day will be.

The work of Celta was first thrown by a penalty by Aidoo by hand, which transformed Leo, and although he managed to tie with Olaza's great free-kick, he found himself again with the best version of the Argentinian with the ball stopped. The second half served to make Luis Suárez reappear and for Dembélé to have a good performance, overcoming what the owner had done and this time Ansu Fati gray. Busquets scored the fourth goal. Everyone left happy except Griezmann.

4 – FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Semedo (Busquets, m. 23), Piqué, Umtiti, Junior; Sergi Roberto, De Jong, Arthur; Messi, Griezmann (Luis Suárez, m. 73) and Ansu Fati (Dembélé, m. 46).

1 – Celtic: Ruben; Aidoo, Araújo, Olaza; Hugo Mallo, Beltrán, Pape Cheikh (Gabriel Fernández, m.81), Lobotka (Denis Suárez, m.76); Juncá; Aspas and Sisto (Brais Méndez, m. 64).

Goals: 1-0, m. 23: Messi, penalty. 1-1, m.42: Olaza. 2-1, m. 45 + 1: Messi. 3-1, m. 48: Messi. 4-1, m. 85: Busquets.

Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (Balearic Committee). He admonished the locals Umtiti (m.25), Messi (m.40), Sergi Roberto (m. 53), Busquets (m. 88) and the visitors Fran Beltrán (m.45).

Incidents: Match of the thirteenth day of LaLiga Santander played at the Camp Nou before 71,209 spectators.

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