Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Messi does not have any nasal lesions

Messi no tiene ninguna lesión nasal

Services Doctors of Barcelona have examined Messi this afternoon in the sports city Joan Gamper and confirmed the initial forecasts of Old Trafford: the Argentine does not suffer any injury, which is not a medical issue.

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The aftermath of Chris' run over Smalling in Wednesday's game are more spectacular than disabling for a Messi that bled abundantly Y suffered inflammations in the nose, cheekbone and eyelid. "Naturally, you do not play very comfortable when you get hit like that; it will be necessary to see what it has exactly because it hurt, "explained Ernesto Valverde at the end of the meeting.

Smalling did not see yellow

Bled and suffered inflammations in the nose, cheekbone and eyelid of the left eye but there is no fracture

Since the tests have ruled out the existence of injury, Messi is fit for Saturday's match in Huesca, although the coach announced that there will be changes in preparation for the return of the Champions League tie, on Tuesday at the Camp Nou. And the Argentine could be one of them.

The British press highlighted in a profusion of images the physical consequences of the violent clash of Smalling with Leo in the fight for an air balloon. "Bloody Messi", titled the sensationalist The Sun on its Sports cover.

Saturday's match

For reasons of efforts management and to favor his total recovery, Messi can be exempt from the displacement

Although for reasons of effort management and to encourage his reinstatement Messi can be exempt from the move to Huesca, there is no doubt about his availability for the decisive second match against Manchester United for a place in the semifinals of the Champions League. The azulgrana staff made this afternoon a recovery training for the holders.

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