July 24, 2021

Messi, an imperturbable at Wembley | sports

Messi, an imperturbable at Wembley | sports

I read and listen to everything they say about Messi, because the idea circulates that everything is said about him. Is it? They have morbid the gatherings in which they seek a new adjective and end up falling into the classic black holes Messi, never empty places that give off energy of absence, total absence of adjectives, apparently and all spent. Absence of adjectives about genius when, as I remember, Messi not so long ago an anonymous journalist found a new one without knowing it. He found it who had the right to invent this headline: "Messi could be Argentine."

Whoever wrote that headline, happened to find a secret adjective to the player: authentic. I see it this way: your doubts about what it could be give Messi an exciting authenticity. And this comes from its fidelity to only one thing: the ambiguity of experience. In fact, it is the extreme fidelity that shows the ambiguity of the experience (which, by the way, so wonderfully well reflects football in general) what makes many of Messi's plays in masterpieces of life and what he has He has been converted, from the beginning of his career, into something more than a player.

"Messi goes further as a player," the British press said after its display at Wembley against Tottenham. To the point, I would add, that he ended up devouring his own club, which has been depending on him for a long time and that until not too long ago was "something more than a club", a motto that Messi, without malice and in reality doing a favor to the club itself, has repealed.

The British press has endeavored to repeat a kind of praise that every day we notice more sobado: extraterrestrial, magical, masterly, memorable. The most interesting is the first, perhaps because it reminds me of the writer Aurora Venturini, who at ninety was the first Argentine to understand that Messi was beyond the adjectives: "But what a divine being. How he scores, he's a sage. And he is a gnome. They made him grow with hormones, they stretched him. The same was small. What will they have put? Because the ball sticks to the tip of his foot. They deformed it and it worked out better. They can not get the ball because it has different proportions. "

I laughed when I saw that – obsessive obsession – the British press also fell into the black hole of the adjectives spent. They all coincided in qualifying him as majestic and consider him the best player of all time, ahead of Pelé and Maradona. There the latter see it as simple evidence, and so do I. Unlike Maradona and company, always plays well every game. What will they have put on him, asked Venturini. Well surely the energetic ambiguity of the exercise of football. After all, Messi is football itself, that's why we see him so authentic. At Book of the Passages, Walter Benjamin wrote of the fascinating Atlas Mnemosyne of the historian Aby Warburg: "I did not need to say anything. Just show "And the same can be said about Messi, because you can see the language that is the best, whether or not it pleases Infantino's businessmen.

If, as they say, we are all too similar to ourselves, and the risk is that we end up looking too much, the fact is that this has not happened to Messi yet, because he does not stop improving the version of himself. Football sinks with so many businesses and angry stoppages of FIFA, but he is always standing. Imperturbable. It will be because, indeed, it has different proportions.

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