July 24, 2021

Merkel condemns "in the most drastic way" the "violent death" of Khashoggi

Merkel condemns "in the most drastic way" the "violent death" of Khashoggi

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a joint statement with her foreign minister, Heiko Maas, condemned "in the most drastic way" the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the consulate of his country in Turkey.

"We condemn the fact in the most drastic way, we expect transparency from Saudi Arabia regarding the circumstances of the death, those responsible must be called to account," the statement said.

Merkel and Maas, moreover, consider that the explanations given so far by Riyadh are insufficient and express their condolences to the girlfriend of the journalist, her relatives and her friends "whose fears have been sadly confirmed".

Maas also said in statements to the First German Television Network (ARD) that after the death of Khashoggi there is no basis to approve future arms exports to Saudi Arabia.

"There is currently no basis for approving arms exports to Saudi Arabia," Maas said.

In recent months there has been criticism of the Government for having approved the shipment of military goods to Riyadh.

The approval of arms exports does not depend on Foreign Affairs but on the Ministry of Economy.

However, Maas said that "compared to the requests that there have been sales of weapons approved have been few."

Maas has canceled his participation in an economic congress in Riyadh and said he has a "great understanding" towards all those who refuse to travel to Saudi Arabia at present.


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