February 25, 2021

meritorious silver of Spain in the Water polo World Cup (11-6)

The rain gave the game more epic. The Spanish anthem sounded and the warriors of Miki Oca stood hand in hand, forming a chain, concentrated for the challenge ahead. The water polo World Cup final and against the United States, the favorites, the (almost) invincible. And the Spanish tried and tightened and defended as during the entire tournament. And they made it difficult for the Americans during half a game, but the feat was not possible. Spain added a silver that is worth a lot because with it they also manage to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. What better place for revenge …

The United States added its third consecutive World Gold (and the fifth in total), never seen, thanks to its work behind and its goalkeeper Johnson, 185 centimeters, eternal arms when it comes out of the water to cover. Where is the goal? If you can't see … After two quarters he had nine stops, for three conceded goals. And the statistics would continue to grow. But Spain continued there for its collective work in defense. Even when the second quarter was about to end there was a moment for hope: two consecutive goals by Roser Tarragó to get 3-3. There it was, tight match despite everything. Although the United States, with its defensive framework, had Spain far away from the goal, making it difficult for Judith Forca to throw and preventing the arrival of Maica balls in the buoy. The draw was a great result, for the Yankees to doubt, but at one point, the Krikorian girls hit the stretch. There were barely two minutes left for the break, but in two superiorities, two goals, to take the distance to 5-3. And from there, to fly, the broken.

If he took advantage of his options with a woman plus the favorite, Spain did not. He lost a couple of opportunities to approach an excluded rival, and then the United States swept. Goals of all colors. In static attacks, in counterattacks, the Fischer buoy … And Johnson kept stopping, despairing the Spanish. What a wall. With six goals behind (9-3) before the final quarter, it remained proud. Because it is to be proud to be silver in a World Cup. The United States, for now, is too far away. You have to study and work to try to find a way to approach.

11-United States: Johnson, Fattal (1), Steffens (2), Neushul (3), A. Fischer (1), Williams, M. Fischer (1) – titular team -, Musselman, Seidemann (1), Hauschild (1), Haralabidis (1), Gilchrist and Longan.

6-Spain: Laura Ester, Paula Leiton, Pilar Peña, Clara Espar, Anna Espar, Bea Ortiz (1), Judith Forca (1) – titular team -, Roser Tarragó (3), Irene González, Marta Bach ,, Paula Crespi, Maica García and María Sánchez

Goals: 1-0: Steffens 1-1: Bea Ortiz. 2-1: Hauschild. 3-1: Haralabidis. 3-2: Roser Tarragó. 3-3: Roser Tarragó. 4-3: M. Fischer. 5-3: Seidemann. 6-3: A. Fischer. 7-3: A. Fattal. 8-3: Neushul. 9-3: Neushul. 9-4: Roser Tarragó. 10-4: Steffens. 10-5: Judith Forca. 11-5: Neushul. 11-6: Bea Ortiz.

Partial: 3-1, 2-2, 4-0 and 2-3.

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