Mérida opens its Roman Circus to stroll and play sports until May 25

The mayor of Mérida, Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, has announced the opening, from tomorrow, of the Roman Circus as a venue for sports and walks until May 25, and both the City Council and the Monumental City Consortium ask that they be respectful of the monument, so bicycles and scooters will be prohibited.

In this way, this venue joins those already authorized to play sports or go out with children under 14 within the established hours and those that are marked in the coming days.

Rodríguez Osuna remembers that it is an exceptional measure “that will come to add in these circumstances a new space that the people of Emeritus have used all their lives for their recreation”, and announced that the Local Police will signal the monument to allow and guarantee fluidity of pedestrians and the obligatory social distance.

The Roman Circus will be open for this use until May 25, when all the monuments of the city are expected to open for regular use.

The people of Emerita will be able to make use of this natural and monumental space with an oval floor plan of about 440 meters long and 115 meters wide, which is a World Heritage Site.


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