Merchants from thirteen Latin American countries will meet in Colombia at Expo Aladi 2019

Merchants from thirteen Latin American countries will meet in Colombia at Expo Aladi 2019

The Colombian city of Bucaramanga (east) will be the venue in 2019 of the annual Expo Aladi meeting, promoted by the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi) with the aim of integrating markets in the region, official sources reported today.

"The Aladi block, composed of 13 Latin American countries, chose Colombia as the 2019 headquarters of its annual business round that seeks to strengthen commercial relations and the integration of the region from 49 signed agreements," ProColombia said. a statement.

The entity, responsible for the promotion of tourism, investment, non-traditional exports and the country brand, said that during the meeting 400 exporters in the region will have the opportunity to conduct business with 200 buyers.

The president of ProColombia, Flavia Santoro, said that for the country the Association represents a "scenario that reaffirms the interest" in strengthening long-term trade relations with the region.

"Being part of this initiative and hosting next year's annual business conference is a great opportunity to establish Colombia as the headquarters for business and meetings in Latin America," the executive added.

The meeting will bring buyers from Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba, Costa Rica and Panama, who make up the bloc with Colombia.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, exports from Colombia to these countries totaled 10,049 million dollars last year, representing an increase of 27% compared to the figure registered in 2016, and represent 27% of the total exported for the country to the world.

For its part, the Bank of the Republic explained that the members of the Aladi invested in Colombia 3,724 million dollars in 2017, while the country allocated 2,020 million dollars to these markets.

The Association represents more than 560 million inhabitants and intraregional exports during the first half of this year reached 64,035 million dollars.

This year, Peru will host Expo Aladi between October 17 and 19, joining Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina, countries that have hosted the previous editions of the event.


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