Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Mercedes Milá returns to Movistar in April with her spectacular report in Rome

There is already a date of premiere for the return of
Scott and Mila
Movistar +. It will be next Monday April 13th, at 10:00 p.m., when Mercedes Milá and her inseparable Scott return to # 0, after a spectacular trip that left them caught up in Italy because of the health crisis by the coronavirus. And so she was glad.

It happened just a few weeks ago when Mercedes Milá was narrating through her Instagram account the adventure they were experiencing. Everything happened after his brother, Lorenzo Milá, encourage the program team to travel to Italian capital despite the situation the country was experiencing due to the coronavirus.

We prepare it without knowing that the one that has been armed would be armed with the coronavirus and we have been about to suspend it ”, he pointed out. However, despite this suspension attempt, the program’s team finally gave the recording the green light. And that happened, despite the fact that it also implied that the closing of borders caught them in the country.

“Selfishly, I am happy that it is empty of cars and people“Said Milá, optimistically, through his official Instagram account. “We have done the work we had to do,” said the journalist, who understood that “the problem is leaving Rome now because the borders are closed ”. However, luckily everything has been solved and this coming April 13 will debut his spectacular report.

Mercedes Milá travels to Rome to shoot 'Scott & Milá'.

Mercedes Milá travels to Rome to shoot ‘Scott & Milá’.

In fact, as Movistar has pointed out, “in these four new installments of the program in which we will continue discovering an intimate Mercedes, curious and close but in which the journalist will go one step further in her discovery of the world and of herself. A few more personal and sincere episodes in which Mercedes will not stop surprising and surprising the viewers. ”

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