Mercadona will invest 2,300 million this year after winning 593 million in 2018, 84% more | Companies

Mercadona will invest 2,300 million this year after winning 593 million in 2018, 84% more | Companies

The Mercadona group closed last year with a net profit of 593 million euros, 84% more than a year earlier, year in which its final figures were affected by the decision to launch a strong restructuring of its stores and business model , which led him to shoot his figure operating expenses up to 1,500 million euros. The company chaired by Juan Roig managed to raise its net sales figure to 22,235 million, 6% more than last year.

Roig He assured, during the annual press conference that the company celebrates to disseminate its annual financial results, that in the company we have "decided to stop measuring ourselves by numbers." We are mediated by the effort that all the workers make and then the numbers come out. In parallel, "we have decided to do whatever it takes to fulfill our main objective of satisfying the boss, our client." The company president explains that this year the company will open 60 new stores, 100 and 400 will be closed, they will change their location " . Although he did say that there is not room for many more. "Our ceiling calculated that will be in the vicinity of the 1,600 current stores"

He stressed that a milestone this year will be the concept of prepared food. "In the middle of the 21st century the kitchen as we know it today will not exist, we will buy prepared food and finish it at home, so we are going to put the new concept 'Ready to eat' in 250 stores and we have launched ourselves to look for regional suppliers that they facilitate the product to us ".

Roig justified the change of scenery of the press conference, this year is held in an enclosure that has been called Jarrods, "I do not think anyone will sue us, because we have put a jot", due to the fire that last year suffered the factory of bread and pastry, traditional place where their appearance was celebrated.

The company is already immersed in the process of expanding its web store. This year, it is expected to start operating in Barcelona and in Madrid. Although so far only works in 95 locations in Valencia from the logistics center that is operational in the city of Turia. Roig says that "the orders have doubled and already achieved a turnover of 2.2 million euros per month.That to earn money is another issue," he said.

"On June 12, he explained, we will open the first hive in Barcelona and then Madrid will come to the end of 2019 or 2020), Zaragoza, and A Coruña."

The company has created 1,800 new jobs with a global payroll of 85,800 workers in Spain and Portugal. In this sense, Roig has put in value the approval of the new collective agreement that will be valid until 2024.

He recalled the change that the company has decided to carry out in its supplier policy, which now pretends to be specialists in certain products. He gave as an example that in footwear they have gone from one supplier to three and in alcoholic drinks from one to six. "Is it unpopular for our traditional suppliers? Well, yes it is, but we have seen it and we have started to change to improve our relationship with our bosses." With this change we give suppliers an indefinite agreement, but we demand quality and food security and we propose to make money, but we also ". After this decision Mercadona has gone from 110 suppliers in 1998 to work with 1,400 this year.

Roig reiterated that "we are satisfied to pay taxes, those that touch us and we are very proud of it". This year we have paid 1,575 million euros to the public coffers ", he underlined and concluded," paying taxes is as beneficial as quitting. "Of the total profit generated, 25% has been distributed to the workforce (325 million euros in concept of premium by objectives), 295 million has been reverted in the Company, in the form of taxes, with a tax rate of 22%, 40% has been reverted into society, 470 million, as own resources and the remaining 10% It has been distributed among the shareholders via dividends.

Last year's investments reached 1,504 million euros, of which 962 million were allocated to stores, 257 to automate logistics centers, 225 million to digital transformation. In the next five years we will invest 10,000 million euros, without getting into debt.

Respect to the international expansion in Portugal, Roig said that "we are a 100% Portuguese company, we are going to change 50% of the assortment of the stores, we already have a workforce of 300 people and we are going to invest 60 million euros there. We will open 10 stores, the first opening will be next July 2. " In this sense, he revealed that in Portugal the shops will open on Sundays, in Spain they do not, "because the Portuguese have very internalized in their DNA to buy on Sunday, it is the second day of the most sales of the distribution". In this regard, he acknowledged having in mind the international expansion of the company to a second country. "There is no decision made, we will do it following a design in oil stain, and we will say it when we have decided on it, but at the moment there is nothing concrete," he stressed.

In the area of ​​commitments. Roig stated that its main objective is food security. Second, "I want 100% satisfied workers, co-innovate with suppliers, achieve an objective for this financial year with 25,200 million euros of sales (+ 3.7%), invest 2,300 million (50% more), grow As a conclusion, he said "Mercadona is doing very well and next year we will be much better".

Asked about the political situation and specifically about the problem of Catalonia and the next electoral announcements assured that "whatever happens, nothing will change, we will go a little more to the right or a bit more to the left." We will be the same until now. they demand to generate benefits for politicians, we must demand that they generate stability, but nothing more. " In relation to the political problem in Catalonia, he acknowledged "to remain very worried, it's a problem that Madrid and Barcelona have to solve, they have to agree, but they mess it up a lot. "


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