Mercadona will give 20% bonus to employees for efforts due to the coronavirus

The Mercadona supermarket chain has sent a message to its workers announcing the payment of a 20% premium on their gross salary in March due to the increased workload as a result of the coronavirus.

The decision to approve this measure – advanced by the “Global Chronicle” website and confirmed to Efeagro by company sources – has been taken by the management committee of this company, which has 90,000 workers.

With it, the managers of Mercadona -with its president Juan Roig “at the helm” – intend “to value the effort that the employees are making” in a context like the current one.

In this sense, they recalled that supermarkets are part of “a strategic sector that has the responsibility of supplying citizens every day.”

The premium to be paid on the March payroll has been announced after this week an influx of customers to the stores has been registered significantly higher than usual both from Mercadona and from other distribution chains.

The company also presented this week the annual results corresponding to 2019, an exercise that closed with 90,000 workers on staff distributed among its more than 1,600 establishments, sales of 25,500 million euros (+5%) and a profit of 623 million (+5 %).


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